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Bolt Action Event MuGu games Everett WA June 25th


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On Saturday june 25th MuGu games will be hosting a Bolt Action Event, Doors open @ 10:00 AM and Games start @ 11:00

MuGu Games is located at

5233 Evergreen Way, Everett, Washington 98203 

I am really happy to be hosting the 10th Bolt Action tourney at MuGu games! We are going to try and make it a fantastic event. Please PM me with any questions.




• This will be a three game event FYI if we have an uneven number of players you may receive a bye.

• The point’s level will be 1250. Bolt Action season 3 rules (Here is the link http://www.wwpd.net/p/bolt-action.html ) will be in effect you may take one armored platoon and only one! Or you can take up to 2 reinforced platoons but you may not mix the two. You may also take a Glider platoon or a combat jump platoon but you may not mix it with an armored platoon. That said if you do take an armored platoon your infantry may combat jump or arrive by glider if you choose the appropriate troops.

Geronimo rules can be found here http://www.warlordgames.com/rules-geron ... lt-action/ 

There will be one rule change to the glider rules the glider after it lands will be treated not as a soft skin transport that is immobilized but treated as soft cover.

Warplanes will be in use at this event so no air observers please! http://www.warlordgames.com/rules-warplanes-in-bolt-action/

• You may play army lists out of the main rule book but you may not mix units from army books.

• PDF’s are welcome! Even if that faction has an army book available.

• This event will be WYSIWYG WITH IN REASON (WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET) Meaning a model with a flamethrower or any weapon must be modeled so the guy/gal across the table will be able to identify it as such. Exceptions will be granted for certain models and vehicles bring them to the TO. The Idea is to make it so people can make good decisions during play but this is not meant to be crazy if you can make it so the guy/gal across from you can simply recognize what is what.

• You must bring 3 copies of a legible army list your main rule book, army book, Bolt Action order dice, Dice for game play, tape measure, tray for your army and something to mark units with pin markers. A Dice bag will be provided for each table.

• The entry fee is 20$ with 5$ going to the purchase of terrain for future tourneys 

• Rounds will be two hours and fifteen minutes with a 15 minute pre-game to go over army lists and meet your opponent.

• After the first game there will be a 30 minute break for lunch!



Event set up

1.Players will be divided into Axis and allied teams.

2. Players on each team elect a General.

3. The tables are pre-set to play a specific mission (IE like Hold until Relived or Demolition) 

4. Team Generals pick in secret what players on their teams they think would play the mission the best. So the General will find the best army to play Demolition or Heartbreak ridge. 

5. In later rounds the TO will assign players to tables with guiding principle each player plays a new opponent and plays on a different table.

6 At the end of the day we add up the wins for each team and that side wins the day!

7. Prizes for best Allied Best Axis and Best Minor will still be awarded.

8. Theater Selectors are in play with one stipulation if you take a TS and you want to take two platoons the second platoon you take must be the same TS. 

9. Armored platoons are a go but you may only take one.

10. Points value will be 1250 and we will be using the Bolt Action.net rules season 2 and we might switch to season 3 depending when it’s release is.

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