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Have Warriors of Chaos Army Want Dwarf Army/Units or 40k

Van Saar

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Everything is assembled, bare plastic and on magnetic bases with movement trays unless otherwise noted. Sure this doesn't help for AoS but for 8th/9th/KoW players it does. There are some Khorne elements too for anyone looking to do daemonkin.


Winged Daemon Prince

Lord on Foot

Khorne Lord on Foot

Valkia the Bloody

24 HW/SH Warriors

20 Great Weapon Warriors (GW Kit Upgrade)

24 Halberd Warriors (GW Kit Upgrade)

20 Warhounds (10 NoS)

50 Marauders

10 Chaos Knights (all NoS)

2 Chaos Spawn

Chaos Chariot

2 Brute Chariots

9 Skullcrushers (3 nicely primed black)



Looking for either a Dwarf Army or individual units/characters. I'm fine with splitting depending on what you have.


Will also entertain SM stuff (no junk), Ig/AM or vintage 40k.



Thanks for looking. Pics on req.

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