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LF: Blood Angels Terminator Storm Shields/Shoulder Pads H: $$


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As the topic states, looking to get my hands on some of those storm shields from the BA terminator kit. Rather than pay eBay sharks, I want to hand over cash to anyone local to the PDX/Vancouver area.


10 bucks for the 5 of them (with or without the arms/hands). PM for details on the when/where.


Guardian and Dice Age are places I frequent the most but if there is someplace you'd rather meet, let me know.

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More necromancy.


Still looking for Blood Angel branded Storm Shields (With or without arms) and BA termie shoulder pads.  For the shoulder pads, FW or Plastic don't rightly matter. Will accept any reasonable price for them but keep in mind that currently FW pads are 16 USD shipped to my house due to currency exchange :wink: .

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Good luck on this one...I mean, you've got a really narrow target audience here. It's the BA players that bought the terminator kit, but don't want the shoulder pads or storm shields. Not making fun of you, just pointing out that it's kinda unlikely that you'll find a player looking to part with these bits from the set, especially with so few BA players these days. 


If I were you, I'd get some of those DA shoulderpads, and then just replace the Winged Sword logo with a Winged Blood Drop (just putty a drop over the sword). The DA pads should be easy enough to find, given that they have a couple of upgrade sets which include these, including that older DA battle force, which many SM players were buying for their SM bike contents for quite some time.


But seriously, good luck with this one. I hope it works out. 

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Well, to be honest this latest message is just a last ditch post before I start looking elsewhere. That and I actually have cash to buy them now.


Mainly trying to hit on people who, for one reason or another, had this stuff sitting around for a project they stopped caring about. Shop locally etc etc.

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