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  1. Selling the Necron half of the WH40K Elite Edition. This means you get: - 1x Overlord - 10x Necron Warriors - 3x Canoptek Scarab Swarms - 3x Skorpekh Destroyers - 1x Canoptek Plasmacyte All new on sprue - $60 for all because I like rounding. I don't think I need any of the extras like the mat, the dice and rulers. You can take the Book too as I just need the marines. At this time I am NOT looking to trade but if you happen to dangle something really nice in front of me, I may consider it. I can meet at Dice Age Games or even Fate and Fury games for local meet up. If you need somethin
  2. I just picked up the new Recruit edition and I am looking to trade the necrons for more marines. That's a 10 robot squad, the Royal warden and those scarabs with bases included. You can have the rest if you'd like: book, rulers, battlemat etc. Ideally I'm looking for those new primaris outriders and a 5 man of those assault intercessors. I would be over the moon if you include the new primaris captain but I feel I'm asking too much anyway :p. I would be willing to accept cash and $30 will get you everything in the box (except the marines, of course). I would prefer a Washington
  3. I didn't see the mystery table before leaving, I guess. Oh wellsies.
  4. Thanks to the Mindtaker family for hosting and your service to the community. You guys rock!
  5. FYI, there's images of pricing for the box and it currently says 200 USD. But it comes with a full rulebook with supposedly a unique cover (based on rumors).
  6. HI @scotthartman Someone just snuck in on this yesterday and I am working on details for them. I'm pretty certain they are going to finalize things but I will let you know if it doesn't work out.
  7. With all my HH stuff, I'd never get around to it. Just not something on my hobby radar on the next 2-3 years . Apparently they have 8th Ed. Rules for it on Warhammer community.
  8. Got this lil guy as a secret santa gift but have ZERO interest in painting him. Looking for reasonable offers fer him. Ebay looks to price him at $25+ but I would also consider a trade. Things I'm interested in: Horus Heresy Blood Angels Epic (Space Marines) Adeptus Titanicus Shoot me a message and let me know whatcha got!
  9. Appreciate it. Will be a bit before I can make it to WoW so if there is a way to put my name on it, I'd be very thankful. Name: Andrew King
  10. Yup, I believe so. What would be the best way to receive this fine instrument of the emperor's wrath?
  11. Awesome. Will see if I can come by. As an aside, your site is pretty much the first place I check usually. Keep up doing <deity of choice>'s work!
  12. Hey, hoping to see if anyone has one spare Grenade Launcher bit from their guard army. Just need one and i don't mind which kit it's from. I know for sure Tempestus Scions have one but any imperium specific one should be fine. Let me know how much or if there is anything you'd be willing to trade for it. I have pretty much only marine stuff so let me know if there is any interest.
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