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  1. I have a set or two of the Deathwatch sprues if you can use those. That has a couple of termie shoulders on them. If you're interested, I can snap a few pictures and we can work something out.
  2. Hey, I'm looking to see if there are any 30k groups playing around Vancouver. I'm just starting out and would love to become a regular player. Nights and place info would be appreciated.
  3. Howdy, Just trying to clear out some bits and bobs from the closet. Images attached to this thread. Currently selling the following: Blister pack metal EPIC 40k Land Raider Command. This one looks like a MK2b style land raider for those who it matters for. Still in blister and WAY out of print. Asking $25 at this time. Also for sale is this nifty resin Office/Building set from Gale Force 9. The terrain is slightly too large for epic but may be good in Adeptus Titanicus or some other related scale. It was made for Mechwarrior Clicky mechs so if it's still a bit too large than actual battletech scale. It's in really good shape with no breaks or cracks. Comes in foam for an easier transport. Also looking for $25 for being in super condition. I can definitely haggle a little bit on these prices and I am willing to do trades. My primary trade is for WH40k/30k(Horus Heresy) Blood angel and affiliated (I.E. marines in spaaaaaaace) models. PM me if you want some additional pictures or want to meet up to view the goods.
  4. I wasn't referring to null deploy 🙄. the new rules means that NONE of your reserves can come in turn one at all. So there doesn't seem to be any advantage to even putting a single unit in reserve even as an "Oh [big bad swear word]" button if someone breaks through your main line or threatens you immediately. @Dusldorf Been playing since 1999 so yes, I know how it used to work. I've spent all of 7th edition basically being able to do jack all with Blood Angels so going backwards to previous editions shouldn't be something we should strive for from my perspective. The fact is that 8th was supposed to make it better/easier for every army and I've been sitting here seeing more and more options removed from an army advertised as an assault oriented force. I have all these assault tools at my disposal but none of them are particularly effective besides shooting. Telling me to get over it shouldn't be the catch all everyone crowds to and is really friggin toxic. God damn it, I should have known better than to post here.
  5. My favorite part (sarcasm) so far is that all reserve units cannot enter the board at all, even in your own deployment zone. So if you reserve something you can't even bring it on board on your first turn to help repel a 1st turn rush from your opponents. So much fun! 🙄
  6. I play BA so it was sarcastic.
  7. "If the datasheet for a model says it can FLY, then during the Movement phase it can move across models and terrain as if they were not there." Well okay then. Thanks.
  8. Both are pretty good starter sets in their own right. I suspect $70 ends up being the goto pricing for either half but the primaris are going to move a lot easier than the eldar half I'm sure.
  9. If you only have one FW item, go with the Leviathan dread. The most popular loadout is dual storm cannons from my small internet circle. You're not going to get a lot of long range on the thing so the volume of shots make it a good loadout to default to. Mortis Contemptors if you aren't situated to get the Leviathan; with dual assault cannon thingies. CCW isn't a bad choice but it's more expensive in 40k than just doubling down on ranged shooting. Plus who doesn't like dakka?
  10. The imagery is in poor taste from the start. I don't personally see any redemption short of news that the head is 100% removable/optional. Even then, if someone were to ask my opinion i'd advocate completely throwing the head away were that the case.
  11. It has to do with levels in the organization. There are also those in red and various other colors. Really none of them are safe in my opinion.
  12. You mean like this? I know a bit more about this culture than I am comfortable knowing so excuse me if my context is a bit more broad than yours.
  13. Listen, if you can't see why I have a problem with THIS SPECIFIC model and the imagery it holds, I don't know what to tell you. May I suggest you do a poll with people you know and ask them what they think of the model? Don't tell them the context, don't explain what they do or what the faction is about, just ask. I don't know the type of individuals you hang around but it may help you figure this out a bit more. I'm laughing at the phrase "get over himself". That's precious.
  14. I won't. And because you are specifically asking me to do so, I will take it as you trying to bait me into an argument. Let's just say that in the Year of our Lord 2018 it should be self evident on why the imagery is in poor taste.
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