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  1. Appreciate it. Will be a bit before I can make it to WoW so if there is a way to put my name on it, I'd be very thankful. Name: Andrew King
  2. Yup, I believe so. What would be the best way to receive this fine instrument of the emperor's wrath?
  3. Awesome. Will see if I can come by. As an aside, your site is pretty much the first place I check usually. Keep up doing <deity of choice>'s work!
  4. Hey, hoping to see if anyone has one spare Grenade Launcher bit from their guard army. Just need one and i don't mind which kit it's from. I know for sure Tempestus Scions have one but any imperium specific one should be fine. Let me know how much or if there is anything you'd be willing to trade for it. I have pretty much only marine stuff so let me know if there is any interest.
  5. As an aside, I am in need for a dreadnought CCW. I'd prefer anything other than the AoBR version but any standard dreadnought arm would do. It's for a "standard" dread (It's actually a FW ironclad 😉) so unfortunately contemptor arms need not apply at this time. I have an extra librarian dread arm if you want to trade but otherwise let me know what you want for one.
  6. I have a lot of the older 2nd/3rd edition decals if you want. They ain't really doing me any good so you can have them if you want them. Furthermore, I can cut off the Ultramarine one's from my Dark Imperium box too. If'n you got the BA versions from that box, a straight up trade would work. PM me if interested in either.
  7. As an aside, I am also looking to buy a box of BA Death Company if you got it.
  8. Do you have anything blood angel-y for trade? Highly interested in a box of death company if you have a set.
  9. Still looking to sell or trade these items. If interested in additional Non-Hobby equipment, ping me and I'll give you the scoop
  10. Adding some Tau, "new on sprue" from back in the early days. Also selling the associated Cadre Fireblade in case someone wants to start a cheap Tau Killteam or something. I also have a bunch of non-hobby related stuff for sale (mostly computer things) on the ol' craigslist if you're interested. If you are, I'll give ya a discount on these items. PM me so I know who you are: Corsair "Lapdog" keyboard tray HP dc7600 Core 2 Duo small form factor computer Nvidia GT 220 PCI-E video card
  11. Update: I checked and I have 1 full sprue for the Deathwatch upgrade kit plus two deathwatch terminator shoulders (4 total). If you would like, I can get you those two termy shoulders. Just let me know a good place/time Friday-Sunday for me to hand them off. If you want the whole sprue plus the two individual shoulders (4 shoulders), we can discuss trading bits. I play Blood Angels so if you happen to have comparable bits available, that would work perfectly.
  12. I have a set or two of the Deathwatch sprues if you can use those. That has a couple of termie shoulders on them. If you're interested, I can snap a few pictures and we can work something out.
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