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Silver Tower heroes in game

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Yesterday I went to M.O.B. games in Lake Stevens Wa (the group here is extremely great and play every Sunday afternoon!) and used my starter set Stormcast and added on three heroes from the Silver Tower game: The Knight-Questor, Mistweaver Siah, and Tenebrael Shard.


I played against a Fyreslayer army:

2 x 10 Vulkite Berzerkers

1 x 5 Auric Hearthguard

Auric Runefather on Magmadroth

Auric Runemaster

Auric Runesmiter

Auric Runeson with Javelin



Game ended up turning into mostly a hero duel as I annihilated his Berzerkers pretty early (only after they nearly killed my Lord-Celestant) and his Auric Hearthguard led by the Battlesmith tunneled up behind one of my Liberator units in the second turn and tied them up for the rest of the game.  It was a very even game and it all came down to the final fight between my nearly killed Retributors & Knight-Questor and the Runefather.  My Retributors smashed the Runefather good and luckily saved all his blows against them while the Knight-Questor dealt the final two wounds.  If they hadn't killed him that turn I would have had no answer save for lucky magic.  


It was a great game and it gave me a chance to try out the Silver Tower heroes I have in a regular game of AoS.  Here are my impressions:


Tenebrael Shard:  I got extremely unlucky with his Shadowstrike ability.  It only went off 1 out of 4 hero phases.  Without it, he is basically nothing special.  And when it did go off, he missed with every single one of his attacks.  His attacks are definitely nasty though, once he got some hits in he sliced through the Auric Runemaster pretty quick.  Never had to make any save rolls and he only killed the Runemaster right at the end of the game so his incredible speed ability didn't come into play.  Ultimately I don't think I got to see all he can do, but I did learn this: if Shadowstrike doesn't go off he is nothing special.  I definitely want to run him again and see if I get better results.


Mistweaver Siah: Her illusory assault can be extremely deadly!  Her shining moment is when she killed 4 Vulkite Berzerkers that had surrounded the Lord-Celestant and were pounding him into dust.  Sadly she did nothing but add a mystic shield for the rest of the game as her Illusory Assault failed to wound the Runefather near the end (rolled a 4 with three dice =p versus his bravery of 8).  Her movement of 8" is very nice for keeping her away from the fray, but ultimately she seems like a cool, but standard wizard in terms of gameplay.  Nothing amazing.


Knight-Questor: I'm probably going to have to give him a name after his showing in this game.  Him, along with his bodyguard of 3 Retributors, were definitely the MVPs of this game.  He and the Retributors charged one of the groups of Vulkite Berzerkers and while the Retributors smashed the Berzerker's faces into oblivion, he used his 6" pile-in to move around them to the Runesmiter and managed to skewer him in two rounds of combat.  Then they charged the wounded Runefather and the Questor dealt the killing blow easily.  He never got a single wound on him thanks to his 3+ rerollable save.  On paper he doesn't seem like anything special, but he definitely performed well in this game.  Maybe the fact that he doesn't seem like much of a threat is what makes him good.  I imagine finding a way to throw more buffs on him will make him even more potent and running him with the Retributors definitely seemed like a good 1-2 punch,  Going to be running him again.


Overall it was a fun game and I learned a lot.  Anybody else have experience with the Silver Tower heroes in a game of AoS?  Thoughts?  I snapped some quick pics of the game.  Probably didn't capture all the most important moments and sorry for blurriness, trying to take fast pics is not the best haha


Stormcast Deployed (Tenebrael is hiding in some woods)



The Vulkite Berzerkers got an early charge off and nearly killed the Lord-Celestant in a single round of combat.



The Retributors moved up and smashed the last of the Berzerkers, breaking the Fyreslayer lines, but the game was far from over! (Questor front and center, Shard on right killing Runemaster)



Had the Retributors and Questor not been successful in this final duel, I had no good answer for the Runefather and the Fyreslayers would have probably won.


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