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Bonesplitterz incoming!

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"Bonesplitterz Battletome coming next, confirmed in White Dwarf #129 

"It's a bumper week this week as the Bonesplitterz get their own battletome stuffed with art, stories and a huge wealth of cracking new rules.

The wildest of the Orruks found in the Mortal Realms, the Bonesplitterz are constantly in tune with the rolling, violent madness of the Waaagh! Believing the energy of the Waaagh! to reside in the souls of monsters, they hunt great beasts across the realms."

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Preorders are up!




It looks like they reboxed the base SO`s but upped the model count to 20 per,Plus the repack doesnt list Big Stabba options in its description.


I picked up another box off ebay last night for 25.00 w/free shipping..shopping for more now,heh.


Looks like they added another Keyword to these Bonesplitters that are in the new tome,"Moreboyz".Same models and all that but they now have 2 wounds and no warpaint ward,a buff overall.Another thing I see is that there is no option for in unit Big Stabba,not sure if thats a good thing or not,,need to test,heh.


Dling the lates WD now for more info.


Had to edit again,,was looking at the NZ pricing,lol..anyhow,they are about the same price as always though no Big Stabba included.So I picked up 2 sets of bits plus a total of 2 boxes of ebay for the average 25.00 each.Just need to get more bases now,heh.

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Hehe,yeah sorry bout that..


Actually looking at the models,the Boar Riders are looking to be a pretty good deal at 10 for 50.00.They are 3 wound models and having a save allows them to be shielded and can take advantage of cover.Also they as a warscroll,get to pile in and attack twice each combat phase.

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