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2nd Edition Space Marine army for sale


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Hello ladies and gents,

Looking to off load the last of my armies. On the block today is a 2nd edition style space marine army. All the Marines are metal with plastic arms. All the vehicles are older editions that have been found and refurbished by myself. Some of the models are stripped, some are new, some still have paint on them. Either way, you get the idea. The army is in good condition for an army that came out around 1997. Without further adieu:


2 Land Raiders converted to be Crusaders

1 Land Raider hull (missing sponsons and a door or two)

1 Vindicator

1 Whirlwind

1 Whirlwind (NiB)

4 Rhinos (NiB)

Bitz to make a rhino into a vindicator and a predator.

1 Land Speeder (2nd edition metal)

1 Dreadnought (2nd edition metal with Assault Cannon, Powerfist)

1 Mk 7 Tac marine with molded Plasmagun

1 Mk 7 Tac marine with molded Meltagun

20 Mk 7 Tac marines

3 Mk 6 Tac marines

4 Mk 5 Tac marines

3 Mk 7 Tac marine Sergeants with Powerfists

2 Mk 7 Tac marine Sergeants with Poweraxes

1 Mk 7 Tac marine Sergeant with Powersword

1 Mk 7 Tac marine Sergeant with Bolter and Auspex

23 Mk 7 Assault marines

3 Mk 7 Assault marine Sergeants with Powerfists

1 Mk 7 Assault marine Sergeant

10 Mk 7 Devastator marines

4 over the shoulder Lascannons

8 over the shoulder Heavy Bolters

2 over the shoulder Missile Launchers

2 Mk 7 Captains with Bolter and Powerfist

1 Mk 7 Captain with Powersword and off hand weapon

1 Rogue Trader Chaplain

1 Chaplain

1 Librarian with Force Sword

1 Rogue Trader Inquisitor

1 Apothecary

2 Techmarines

3 Standard Bearers

1 Ultramarines Captain Sicarius (2nd edition)

1 Marneus Calgar in Power Armor

2 Ultramarine Honor Guard with Axe and Bolter

1 Ultramarine Honor Guard with Banner and Gladius


Now, I am including all the bits I have for this army, with this army. Some are old arms and bolters, some are new. Either way it will look awesome when on the table top. Asking price is $450.00 or best offer.


Also willing to trade for Orks. Newer edition. Preferably in good condition. Will trade in your favor due to the fact that I may be moving out of country in the near future.


Pictures available upon request. I will bring this army to OFCC for people to look at and possibly buy/trade.



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