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Mordheim players?


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D_Lo: A lot of people seem to be getting into 9th age so there should be a few people (myself included) willing to play Mordheim pretty soon. If if you haven't done so already, I'll echo SparkMage and recommend you request access to the Bellingham Warhamsters sub forum to get in contact with all of the Bellingham people.

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Yes! As one of the aforementioned Bellingham People, there is definitely an interest in playing some Mordheim in the near future. We've actually been tossing around some plans for a league starting up this summer/fall so you picked the perfect time to speak up! I'd recommend getting on our subforum by PMing JMGraham on here, showing up on Tuesday night if you can make it, and possibly PMing Wiccus on here about the league as he's planning to be the one to run it.


Also, if you're interested in Warhammer Fantasy, we've got a pretty good group up here digging on the 9th Age. We usually play Tuesday nights and I know there will be at least one game going on tomorrow if you wanted to drop by and check things out.

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