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Looking for Death Suggestions

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I purchased the Skeleton Hordes set. However I decided to build Neferata instead of "Skeletor". I am at a bit of a lost as where to go from here. Death has so few formations and the Blood Court for Nef is too expensive to buy outright. Also I am not sure about its effectiveness. I am looking for suggestions as to where to go given that I have 10 Skeletons, Nef & 5 black knights at the moment. Thoughts? I can probably add unit or two each month.

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Yeah,Death is behind on battalions at the moment,im sure that will be changing.Anyway I was going to be running the "Legion of Death" battalion in the GA Death book but decided its a bit too weak just at its minimum.However if you happen to have 60+ skeletons and a couple of units of BK`s it may have possibilities.

It looks like you will need to get at least another 10 skellies for your battleline units,preferably 20 more so you can have a larger block to anvil with.One thing also is you will want to have at least one other hero to recieve the Artifact and preferably to be your general and recieve the allegiance command ability,Neferata cant have either due to her named status.The best command ability( I think) is the one that gives a +1 to the armies allegiance ability of 6+ ward for all units within 10" of a death hero...giving pretty much an army wide 5+ ward if you have a good spread of hero coverage.This can turn swarms of skellies into some very annoying tarpits.


Death can make for some good hard to kill horde armies but they can also lack alot of needed killing power.For killing stuff the Zombie Dragon and Terrorghiest are certainly good,Morghasts are good too.Mounted vamp Lords can help in this area as well.One could even go into the TK line and grab a Necrospinx or the Necropolis Knights,or even a block of skeleton archers.


For utility I like the Hexwraiths,4+ save cav that fly and ignore rend of incoming attacks.


Another route is to build your starting board force then save points for resummoning units when they die,probably should get a Necromancer and maybe a Vamp Lord for this to start with.

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Yeah Sprit hosts are still good at what they were good for before,,chaffing,heh


You will need at least two battleline units so another 10 skellies are a must.A Necromancer can cast Vanhels dance allwoing a unit to pile in and attack twice in a turn,hes also a bit tough to kill with his LoS thing when close to another friendly unit,but he lacks good melee if needed.A Vamp Lord would be better overall I think as they can still cast and have good melee.


For starting out Neferata will fit the bill for the monster thing,actually I think you may want a couple more Vamp Lord models to use just incase she turns an enemy hero into one.A nice addition to her I think would be some Morghasts,,they wreck face and are fairly resiliant.

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