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H: Chaos Blood Pact Renegades Army (partial pro paint) W: Army Swap. Necrons or Eldar/Tau

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H: Chaos Blood Pact Renegades Army (partial pro paint) W: Army Swap. Necrons or Eldar/Tau


I am looking to trade armies here, NOT part things out. If your army is smaller I will negotiate, but this is the only case I will downsize. I also would consider selling for a reasonable offer.



The army consists of the following:


53 Converted Blood Pact Infantry. These are basically Cadians with various head conversions. Blood Pact are known for their grotesque masks/rebreathers so there is a mix of gas mask heads, rebreather heads, pig iron industries gas masks, and chaos rebreather heads.

2 Pro Painted and Converted Leman Russ Battle Tanks

1 NoS Leman Russ

1 Pro Painted Command Rhino

1 NoS Sentinal

1 Pro Painted and Converted Basilisk Earthshaker

1 Pro Painted and Converted Hellhound

1 Partially Assembled Chimera

2 Pro Painted Lascannon Platforms

2 Pro Painted Missile Launcher Platforms

3 NoS Heavy Weapons Platforms

2 Officers

2 NoS Officers

1 Commissar

10 Kasarkin Storm Troopers

6 Converted Thudd Guns/Quad Launchers (converted using puppets war artillery turrets and WWII model artillery platforms)

6 unassembled Thudd Gun Quad Launchers Conversions (6 of the same pupets war artillery turrets and six other NoS WWII model artillery platforms)

6 Painted Rapier Laser Destroyers (puppets war versions)


Tons of bits (lots of sprues and what's left of the assembled guys. I'm talking a bunch of special weapons, infantry accessories, chainswords, heads, lasguns, etc.


I also have some CSM if you would like to add on. 13 or so bikes, 10 pro painted terminators, and some pro painted havocs.




Necron Army that contains at least the following:

6 Wraiths

10-12 Destroyers

Tomb Spider x1

3 Tomb Blades

Lych Guard with Scythes or old school Pariahs.

20 Warriors

10 Immortals

2 Lords

2 Crypteks

Maybe a few special characters

2x NoS Barges or Stalkers


Eldar Army that contains at least the following:

12-15 Scatter Laser Jetbikes



2 Farseers

2-3 Falcons/Fireprism/Wave Serpent that can be converted to Warp Hunters. Or actual Warp Hunters.


I also wouldn't mind 3 riptides if you have em.


Shoot me your email if you want to see pics.


Let me know what your army is composed of and what the condition everything is, and we can go from there.

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