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First game of AoS with my Goblins

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I was able to get my first game of AoS in today with a Goblin army I just started putting together. It was also my opponents first game and they where playing Deamons, it was a 40k army but now those round bases work both ways.


1000 points of Goblins.


Grot Warboss

Grot Shaman

Grot Shaman

40 Night Goblins with spears

40 Night Goblins with bows

6 Fanatics

1 Giant


My opponents army was something like


2 Deamon Princes

2 units of 10 deamonettes

Slaneesh Herald on Chariot

20 Chaos warhounds

3 Blood Crushers


The Deamons had no magic and no shooting. It was a great game and turn 2 it looked like my opponent was going to take it. But my Spear unit with mystic shield proved very stubborn and held long enough for me to whittle down some of the other threats. The Giant was fun and my Grot Warboss killed a Prince so that was awesome. The Deamon player had some good luck with the slaneesh chariot before the giant got to it. The Blood Crushers where very underwhelming. They had a lot of wounds and good armor but not much damage output.


I also just signed up for Annihilation 5 so watch for Night Goblins skulking about.

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 I havent played my Grots since last fall but your list is very similar to what I used to run,,though I ran my Spears as 2 groups of 20.


 How did you Fanatics do?...mine usually wreck face.


 Also,some battleplans dont require a Hero to be your General,,making a NG Champion in a large block of troops usually leads to an unkillable General,hehe.

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