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Beastmen for sale (9th/AoS/KoW)

Don't Panic

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Hello all,

I'll be moving soon and these poor guys havent seen action in over a year so I want to find them a home.  I have everything you see pictured here, plus a lot of extras.  

Not everything is pictured here but if you are wanting pics of specific things let me know and I can do that.

What I have:

~60 gor

10 ungor raiders

old metal giant


festus the leechlord

great shaman

3 oop metal shaman


30 bestigor

tuskgor chariot

chariot with gorthor the beastlord

tons of oop WoC characters.

5 hellstriders of slaanesh

10(ill check to confirm... might be more) doombulls.   oop metal ones

gorebull BSB

doombull with double axes, oop metal

'sigh' and ill throw in my custom scibor doombull with wings that i also use as a beastmen themed 'daemon prince'.  


250$.  i can entertain offers, but that price is already pretty stupidly low for these so be reasonable in offering please!


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