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Going "Halfsies" on a Death Masque box


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Trying to see if anyone wants to split a Death Masque box.


Looking for Deathwatch figures but not the 40k rulebook so if you already have a box I will pay cash for the figures.


If you don't have a box, please let me know as I can buy one for us and sell you the Eldar figures in bulk.


Additionally, if I can't find buyers, I am willing to part out each individual Eldar units (and rulebook) at a significant* discount.


PMs work well. We can exchange numbers and email. We can also discuss how to deal with the data slates/formation rules in an amicable manner (I'm fine using google-slates :wink: )


Thanks for taking a look.



*I have a specific percent in mind but can negotiate on this number

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Still interested in the DeathWatch half of a box.


If you are interested in the Eldar side, I can buy the box for us and work with you on getting a hold of them.


If you want the individual Eldar units, I am can sell them to you for 50% retail. Assuming that Eldrad may be $30 if/when GW sells him on his own.

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