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Warhammer NIB and Painted Eldar W: $$ *Updated*


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Hey Ordo, looking to sell the following New Eldar Models, no trades.


Buyers pays first via Paypal or cash if local meet-up.  Located near Seattle, WA.  Shipped w/tracking via UPS Ground or USPS, whichever is cheaper.  

Since the holidays are coming up there may be delays in shipping.


I've got the following, all newest edition models: 

- Farseer from Death Masque (Eldrad, new on sprue) 

- 10 Guardians w/Platform (NIB) 

- 5 Wraithguard (NIB) 

- 3 Vaul's Wrath Batteries (NIB)

- 3 Windrider Jetbikes (NIB)

- 5 Swooping Hawks (NIB)

- Hemlock fighter (New on sprue, complete).




12/24 - edited for sales

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Putting up my Eldar for sale for all you gamers with Xmas cash to burn. I've got the following models for sale (no trades) - bits like windshields and stands included:

Eldar Start Collecting set (Farseer on Jetbike, 3 Windrider Jetbikes, Fire Prism) (msrp $65)
Wave Serpent (msrp $44.50)
Hemlock Wraithfighter (msrp $65) 
10 Guardians w/Weapons Platform (msrp $36.25)
10 Dire Avengers (includes Exarch) newest plastics (msrp $70)
5 Warp Spiders (includes Exarch) metal (msrp $41.25)

Also have, New In Box / Sprue:

Farseer Eldrad from Death Masque set, primed white on sprue ($12ish)
3 Windrider Jetbikes, sealed in plastic, newest style (msrp $41)
5 Swooping Hawks, sealed in plastic, newest style (msrp $41.25)
Another Hemlock / Wraithfighter, new on sprue (msrp $65)
Craftworlds Codex, excellent condition, newest printing (msrp $49.50)

MSRP on the lot is around $550, I will sell the entire lot for $275 (50% off!) Individual units I will sell at 40% off. Cash or Paypal accepted. Can meet on the east side between Redmond, Bellevue and Issaquah. 

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