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H:Limited Edition Infinity/RAFM HG/HGB/Historicals W:KDM/paypal


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Please PM me or I will not see it!


I have the art book limited prerelease Miranda Ashcroft model assembled on a scenic base, primed with Vallejo airbrush primer. 



Also the 2016 ITS Winners Box with the limited edition Now Scarface and his buttons and patches included 



Rare (Giant Scale!) Heavy Gear


Mammoth Strider



3 x Hunters


Hunter Paratroop


Heavy Gear Blitz (NoS Unless stated otherwise, bases included but not pictured)

1 Assembled Hunter



Black Mamba x2


Jaguar x2 

Jeager x2

3 Rule books from older editions


It has been ages since I bought this stuff, and cannot recall what it is really so please refer to the pics!


WW2 Germans - Reasonable Offers

Africa Paint


WW2 Allies - Reasonable Offers

Africa Paint


Modern Naval - Reasonable Offers

Complete, though not finished assembly (all the small turrets and planes and such are still on sprue in the baggie.)

Decals Included


Wooden Ships Iron Men - Reasonable Offers

Complete as far as I know, and includes two metal ship models that are not finished assembled, but are complete


Big box with hundreds of Adler 6mm Napoleonic French and British models 20$

Various stages of assembly, no paint 


Looking for 


Kingdom Death (unassembled with cards)






And/or PayPal


Not looking to get rich here, just to see them move to a new home and get something in for new toys, but you all know how this circle of hobby life works hahaha!

Make me Reasonable offers please, I am aware of their value, and am posting here cheaper to avoid the hassle of ebay. 

I am in Redmond Wa, buyer pays shipping.

Please do ask any questions!

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