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Ordo 40k Narrative Escalation League


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Welcome to 2017! Ordo will be kicking off the new year with a Warhammer 40k casual narrative escalation league. Come get involved, roll dice, and play some beer and pretzel 40k in a narrative format with missions linked over the weeks and continuing bonuses you can earn as the story advances. This is a great opportunity to start work on a new army for the new year.


General Rules

Games are battle forged armies, all codexes and forge world allowed.

No hyper-competitive tournament lists. This is for fun.

Rules as stated in the rule book, no modifications (i.e. No ITC FAQ)

You cannot play the same player two times in a row.

Games can be played at Ordo game night on Tuesdays or Sundays, or at another time/place that works for the players.


League Points

Play a game that week - 3pt

Win the game - 1pt

Paint and base at least 3 infantry or larger models that week - 2pts

Make a battle report post on Ordo about your game - 1pt

There will also be special points each week.


We're going to start all this in February, after people get back from LVO. So you all have a month's notice to think about what you might like to play, maybe scope out some new purchases, etc. The first week will be kill team, then we'll jump to 500, 1000, and then slowly climb to larger games. As we get closer I'll post more narrative details.


Sign up by replying in this thread. Hope to see you!

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