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Blitzmania announced - GW Blood Bowl League


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Blitzmania announced - GW Blood Bowl League

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Howdy Guys and Girls - GW announced their upcoming worldwide Blood Bowl league - Blitzmania :)

"Over the past months in the world of Sports Violence, one word has been on everybody’s lips: Blitzmania!

Rumours of a new, ultra-violent league have been circulating for some time, and we can now confirm their legitimacy – and get on with picking over the juicy details.

So what is Blitzmania, exactly?

Well, according to League Commissioner Randy von Kill, it’s a break from the same-old same-old. He says that the fans are tired of the same big names that have dominated Blood Bowl for decades, and that they’re hungry for some new blood. Blitzmania, he says, will mix the spectacle and funding of the major leagues with the frenzied enthusiasm of the minors, where each game could mean the difference between success and failure for the rookie teams taking part."


"We’re expecting to see a whole lot of old-school Blood Bowl, with all the blood and sweat (and more blood) we remember – and we don’t think we’ll be disappointed. Of course, something as big and glitzy as Blitzmania is a heck of an undertaking for an as-yet untested Commissioner, and some fans are already questioning whether injecting this much gold into a brand new league can be a good thing. If they’re to be believed, mass corruption is almost guaranteed – but hey, at least it’ll be entertaining!

It’s a league you’ll be able to take part in at loads of locations across the world, and all you’ll need to join in can be found in the boxed game – get one here, and stay posted for further updates."

Lady Atia


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