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Nasty Skulkers surprise?


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Just wanted to get some other opinions on a rule for the gitmob nasty skulkers. The rule says

"At the sart of any combat phase you can reveal the Nasty Skulkers: set up the Nasty Skulkers within 1" of the unit that is hiding them. The Nasty Skulkers can then pile in and attack, even if it is your opponent’s turn to select a unit to attack with first"


Does this mean they are outside the normal combat order on the turn they appear? So it I revealed them on my combat phase they would attack and then I would get to nominate a unit to attack? Also what if I revealed 2 units in the same combat phase?



I was just wondering if anyone else has run into this and how they are playing it?

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not same unit but same rule


Age of sigmar FAQ


Q: A Shadowblade Assassin that is hiding in a unit is set up at the start of the combat phase, and can then pile in and attack. If several Assassins are revealed at the same time, do they all get to pile in and attack before the enemy picks any units to attackwith? And are they allowed to pile in and attack a second time later in the combat phase? What if both sides have Assassins hidden in units?


A: The Assassins are revealed one at a time, and make their attack for that combat phase immediately after they are set up, before any enemy units get to attack. They cannot be selected to attack a second time in the same combat phase. If both players want to reveal Assassins, the player whose turn is taking place reveals their assassins first.

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Thanks for the reply.


Just one more question. If I charge with a unit of grots into combat then revealed the nasty skulkers The skulkers would attack first because of their rule. Would I then be able to nominate the next unit to attack since its my turn or would it be my opponents choice of who gets to attack?

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