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OFCC 2017 - What to Expect


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As your campaign Czar's for 2017, Jeff and I are pleased to report that we have a stellar lineup for you this year.  I'll be posting more details in the coming days, but you can expect:


A Friday, one-day, Kill Team Tournament


A two day Blood Bowl Tournament


A two day 30k Horus Heresy tournament


A two day Infinity Tournament


A two day 9th Age Tournament


And for our two historically flagship events.....


A two day Warhammer 40k Tournament - with some exciting changes:


Warhammer 40k

  • 4 person Teams will still be in place, but will be optional
- Players will register independently, and have the option to be a member of a 4 man team
- Any player not on a team will be independent
- We would move from team vs. team, to individual pairings
  • The Awards will include Team and Individual awards
- Team Awards
- We will continue with last year's trend and not have a Best General, and instead keep the replacement of Best Spirit
- Best Spirit will be scored through team shirts, displays, banners, etc.
- Best Painted will remain
- Marshall Johnson (Best Sportsmanship) will remain
- Best Overall would be averaged between Spirit, Paint, and Sportsmanship
- Individual Awards
- Sports and Painting will be recognized
  • List Approval will be eliminated
- Other than providing a guideline regarding the spirit of the event, we will not approve or reject lists
- We will use a list review committee to loosely rank lists on power and use that ranking to create initial match ups
- There will be few restrictions, providing the freedom to have fun with construction
- Wins and loses, combined with location, will drive match ups through the weekend
- We will only use approved GW FAQs, not ITC.


Age of Sigmar


We will be hosting a two day, minimum five round, competitive matched play 2000pt Age of Sigmar event.  This will be a singles event, designed around General's Handbook matched play, exactly as you might see streamed on Warhammer TV, or at Warhammer World.  You can expect themed tables to battle across the mortal realms.  There will be awards for generalship, painting, sportsmanship, and best in faction awards.  More details on this to come, but it's going to be fantastic!


Many thanks to all the people who volunteered their time and effort to submit proposals to run these events.  We have an exception array of HoGs this year, and the gaming is going to be the best yet.  Stay tuned as we provide you more details.  Start making your reservations!


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