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What is the Realm of Chaos Sub-forum (Ordo FAQ)?


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What is the Realm of Chaos sub-forum?

Basically, it's just another Warpspace sub-forum, but specifically focused on "hot" topics like religion and politics. 


How do I gain access to the Realm of Chaos

Just ask one of the Mods. There's no hazing or initiation requirement, just the expressed desire to join. 


Why does access to the Realm of Chaos require permission?

The content has a tendency to piss people off, and by requiring people to ask to access, you know that everyone reading is doing so because they choose to read it. The content in RoC isn't forced on anyone, everyone there asked to be there, reading that materal. 


PS I'm not a mod and don't represent Ordo Fanaticus. I'm just posting because I noticed, late, that this wasn't covered in Warpspace, and I thought it would be helpful to have an explanation since you can't view the explaination posted in the RoC when you lack access...


Mod Note: Please Sticky this in Warpspace. If this info is wrong, or undesired, please correct, lock, or delete as you see fit. I would not be offended if you copied and pasted the content into another thread of the same thing, just posted by someone that actually represents Ordo Fanaticus.

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