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  1. I think this is after sides are picked. I believe that is at least the intention. threejacks, is this true?
  2. Is there a Facebook event for this event as well?
  3. Roll of for terrain set up. then roll of for deployment. :)
  4. You can deploy your terrain anywhere on the table (from what has been said) as long as it's not within 6" of an objective. so their deployment of terrain does not affect yours.
  5. That's so good!
  6. It's if you want it to bolster your army
  7. This was me! Yea, adding the free terrain piece is pretty nuts!
  8. ( for the terrain piece) and placed in deployment zone or on table half? Hopefully we can hit the 30 mark!
  9. Hey, Joe here, Im the head AOS TO for the Renegade Open, I'm new here and have been trying to find out more about the age of sigmar GT. I have bought my plane tickets from minnesota to Vancouver WA and is wondering what will happen if there are only the 4 of us signed up? Is the crowd supposed to be bigger? Please let me know what the plans are! I also have some questions on how the terrain piece interacts with deployment!