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  1. Are we allowed to bring aircraft in a list?
  2. Souldier3

    Flames-of-War in 2019 - OMG - so much stuff

    I'm liking this very much. I was not that interested in playing converted late war. Having a fully v4 late war will be sweet!
  3. I need to check out more about this game but I love the genre and the minis look cool. I will try and get this on my schedule!
  4. Souldier3

    TanksGiving 2018

    Due to family plans I won't be able to be there until 12:00 but since it's a casual format I don't think that will be an issue.
  5. Souldier3

    TanksGiving 2018

    I like list #1 with 4 marders for him. They should stick around longer than a 2 tank platoon and its a little more streamlined and a simpler list. Thanks for helping out!
  6. Souldier3

    TanksGiving 2018

    Normal armor with marder support would probably be best for this event for a new player.
  7. Souldier3

    TanksGiving 2018

    Well the tank formation is mandatory for tanksgiving. Any support I'll leave up to you guys.
  8. Souldier3

    TanksGiving 2018

    He would prefer to play German if that works for you. Thanks Barca! Can you let me know what the list will be?
  9. Souldier3

    TanksGiving 2018

    Phyfor88, I have a new player that I am trying to get to this event but the problem is he has been building mid war british. He does not have anything else. Can we make an exception to the eastern front list requirement or could someone supply him an eastern front army?
  10. Souldier3

    How to attract new players

    Barca, I think having a cool table of terrain and some models is a good first step. How about some simple flyers that you can hand out to people with an upcoming event on the flyer. The flyer should also have info directing them to this forum so they can be tied into or at least see the communication going on. This event could be one like Zeke ran for TY in which a vet is paired with a beginner and the beginner does not need to own an army. Its just to get them playing the game so they can experience it and see if they like it. We could also just have two armies provided so they could take command of one force in the style of a demo game. I introduced FoW to a friend down here in Salem who plays 40K and plays Infinity. He liked the rules and the game so it was not to difficult to get him into the game. I'm encouraging him to come to Tanksgiving. Lets try and find a date for a newbie event and work up a flyer so we can have it ready to hand to people.
  11. Souldier3

    tank hordes - what to do?

    As always smoke is a very very useful tool when used skillfully. I have heard a couple of times and most recently on the tactics discussion of the No Dice No Glory podcast of a good use of smoke. The overall idea is to focus shooting on one group of tanks with the goal of removing them as a threat while using a smoke bombardment to nullify the other group that you are not shooting at. It will only help you one turn unless you have multiple batteries capable of smoke bombardment but hopefully if you pull it off correctly you have reduced the threat and will now take little damage in return fire in the enemy turn. The other options that are now available at larger lists totals are to have something that dosent care how much light tank spam is coming. Churchills come to mind. they done care if its 30 or 100 stuarts. 1 churchill sitting on each of your objectives are impervious to anything that is coming at them with AT 7. Of course there are some serious downsides to this approach. I think a balanced approach is best. As Dennis Miller says: "Of course thats just my opinion, I could be wrong"
  12. Souldier3

    Dogs-of-War 2019 - Flames of War Tournament

    Completely agree that command cards should be looked at. In general when I think of list building it includes command card decisions. With more points come much greater opportunity for units and command cards that you just cant afford at lower points level.
  13. Souldier3

    Valentine tank sprue trade

    I figured people would have plastic sprues on hand. I would gladly trade for the grant sprue. I'll PM to set up a time to meet at GG.
  14. Souldier3

    Valentine tank sprue trade

    If anyone wants a valentine tank sprue, I am willing to trade for any other sprue that someone is willing to trade. Let me know if you have a sprue that you want to trade for it.
  15. Souldier3

    Dogs-of-War 2019 - Flames of War Tournament

    Back to list building 🙂