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  1. Souldier3

    Battlefront Returns to the Eastern Front

    I thought the 15cm infantry gun was a bunker buster. Is it not?
  2. Souldier3

    Battlefront Returns to the Eastern Front

    Article on adding half tracks to the panzer gren list in Iron Cross up on the website. https://www.flamesofwar.com/hobby.aspx?art_id=6219 I think they are a very good upgrade from trucks and well worth the points.
  3. Souldier3

    Is That a Panzer on My Painting Table????

    Hope to see you out at some future events Mike!
  4. Its about time! I was hoping this would be updated for Version 4. No more having handwritten lists! https://www.flamesofwar.com/hobby.aspx?art_id=6189
  5. its great for lingerie tho!
  6. Souldier3

    Battlefront Returns to the Eastern Front

    I agree on the 8.8cm Heavy AA can do the job but you have a mobility problem. Ambush might help with this. The 7.5 Pak40s are ok but I think will still struggle against KV-1. I don't count the Stuka bombs as effective due to the fact that the KV only has a 16.6% chance of failing its armor save. 33.3% chance of meeting AT4. Throw on your 4+ firepower and even when they fail the save you only have a 50/50 chance of killing. Thats pretty bleak. KV-1 can be taken as a support choice to any formation or they have a mixed tankovy that can take KV-1 as one of the obligitory platoons. The good thing about this for the Germans is that it dosent have a headquaters unit so I think you might be able to ignore the KV-1 platoons, destroy the other parts of the formation and go for a formation break. I think this is why battlefront removed the HQ from the mixed tankovy formation. otherwise they would be able to have 2 units of KV-1 (HQ and 1 platoon) and it would be very hard to get them not in good spirits. My personal view is that the points for a tiger in the face of KV-1 and Churchills has become much more palatable.
  7. Souldier3

    Battlefront Returns to the Eastern Front

    Strolled into my LFGS here in Salem to order the new books and Lo and behold! they had 1 set of the 40.00 bundle of both books so I snagged em! The Soviets are looking kinda scary... Im just trying to think of what is a good counter to KV-1?
  8. Souldier3

    TANKS: THE MODERN AGE is coming soon

    I like it! I would be much more likely to jump into this than jumping into Team Yankee just due to the fact that I have limited time and money to be able to buy and paint an entire team yankee force.
  9. Ques#1: a.GE, d.GE, f.SU Ques#2: all of the above although I think city battles would be the highest pref. Ques#3: small for the city battles to start or 85+ level for other terrain.
  10. Souldier3

    Battlefront Returns to the Eastern Front

    The German and soviet infantry look really interesting out of these books. I will be looking forward to the Grenadiers being larger platoons than the current afrika platoons. City fighting sounds like a blast!
  11. Can all players send me their lists for verification? Email: Souldier3@gmail.com Put "mega battle" in the subject line. This will make things go much easier the day of the event.
  12. No one has been nominated yet. Would you like to be team captain for the Axis team?
  13. That fills the roster to maximum. Can Barca, Phyfor 88 and Lazarus be added to a team spot? Any further players wanting to play can put on a first come first serve basis if someone does not show or drops out.
  14. Would someone from the German/Italian team like to nominate a team captain? And would someone from the American/British team like to nominate a team captain? Team Captain responsibilities are simple. They will need to confer with their team, look at all the tables and the lists that have been brought by their teammates and allocate their teammates to the tables.
  15. Thank you. All help is appreciated.