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  1. Thank you. All help is appreciated.
  2. Souldier3

    Battlefront Releases

    Oh ok. No need to be more specific than that...
  3. Souldier3

    Battlefront Releases

    What updates for Africa are you waiting for?
  4. Souldier3

    Battlefront Releases

    Can't wait for iron cross! I have some stuff from the afrika corps release but didn't get an army put together so im hoping it will be usable for eastern front. Glad more things are being converted to 100 pts and forces for v4 in 100 pts. Going to be so nice. Thx for posting.
  5. We will put you down as being able to play axis team or allied team. Now that we have at least 4 players this event will go forward. If we have only four we will play the central double table. Ad more players confirm we will expand to more tables until we hit the max 12 players. Anyone planning on attending it is a good idea to post your intentions on this page or to email barca at grognard_fow@yahoo.com. People who confirm before hand and sign up will be guaranteed a spot. Those who just show up the day of will go on a waiting list and get a spot after people who have signed up before hand.
  6. Attached is the Multi table mission PDF that explains how the event will connect several tables under one mission. Please download and read prior to the event. The quick and dirty versions is that two tables will be pushed together to create one large battle zone. The outside tables are standard 6x4 size tables but are connected to the central tables and adjacent tables by entry/exit zones at one table edge. Each table's objectives are worth points for your team and can be scored every turn if you control the objective on your turn and it is uncontested. You can send units to other tables via the entry/exit zones and they will help your team and be under the command of your team member at that table. Multi-Table Mission.pdf
  7. This event will most likely be rescheduled to July 28th and be set at 85 pts level. Can people post and give Barca and I a sense of interest in this event? Are people planning on going?
  8. You are definitely influencing the meta Steve 🙂
  9. After our session with the crack squad of playtestets consisting of me, Danimal, Barca, and a random homeless person. I agree, 71 points is to sparse for a mega battle scenario.
  10. Bumping this post to the top. This is I think a more up to date and accurate list of events that are being planned.
  11. Barca and I are playtesting for this event in the 9th, this Sat. Down in Salem at Wild things games starting at 12:00. We could use another two playtesters if anyone can come down and help. 71pt lists for testing.
  12. Looking forward to it!
  13. Souldier3

    Avanti questions

    So if you have 2 formations plus support and 1 formation breaks your support sticks around supporting your remaining formation? At current points level I have never played more than 1 formation..
  14. Souldier3

    Avanti questions

    Support units are attached to a formation. They are not a 'Other formation' or a separate formation.