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  1. Thanks for hosting once again Barca. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the next event!
  2. He was not able to make this tournament. There was a conflicting family event.
  3. Dang sorry to hear that. Hope he can join next time.
  4. Thanks! I will have him email his list soon.
  5. James, if a list is 99 points of units can the extra point go to 10 pts of cards? Asking for a friend.
  6. I am still planning on organizing another mega battle in July which would be a large Stalingrad table (mid war). I am totally fine with doing both mid war events and late war events though!
  7. I am trying to get a new player to go who could possibly bring Italians I'll try and get him to the ordo site and to email his list to you.
  8. How many people are familiar with the updated win conditions from the More Mission's pack. I feel like this should get some discussion so no one has an unfortunate suprise. Battlefront updated the condition for capturing an objective and winning a game. No longer can you feed 1 team at a time at the beginning of your turn to an objective to keep it contested. It reads like this: "A player wins if they start their turn with a Tank, Infantry, or Gun team within 4”/10cm of an Objective on the opponent’s side of the table, and end it with no opposing Tank, Infantry, or Gun teams within 4”/10cm of that Objective." I bring this up because I feel like we have been playing the old way for most events. Personally I would much rather play with the updated rule than the old cheese. Thanks James for specifying this!
  9. Thanks for the update! to bad the weather decided to land right on the planned date.
  10. I plan on attending and will bring WHAT A TANKER! If anyone is interested in playing then bring a few of your favorite WWII FoW tanks and some dice. Its a great skirmish tank game.
  11. This looks like a good way to help draw more people to local events. I like that they have done this and I will be posting any event I organize. Hopefully it will be widely used and provide a one stop shop for finding out about events in our local areas. http://nodicenoglory.com/2019/02/01/battlefronts-event-organizer/
  12. Are we allowed to bring aircraft in a list?
  13. I'm liking this very much. I was not that interested in playing converted late war. Having a fully v4 late war will be sweet!
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