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  1. Souldier3

    Avanti questions

    So if you have 2 formations plus support and 1 formation breaks your support sticks around supporting your remaining formation? At current points level I have never played more than 1 formation..
  2. Souldier3

    Avanti questions

    Support units are attached to a formation. They are not a 'Other formation' or a separate formation.
  3. Souldier3

    Practice for ENFILADE - SAT APR 21

    I'll be bringing two lists to try. 1 rifle co. and 1 M3 Lee co. My brother in law will be bringing a DAK force I think as well. I am also planning on having my desert terrain such as it is with me.
  4. Souldier3

    Mid vs Late FoW?

    As Zeke pointed out Early and Late war use conversion rules while mid war uses the straight forward V4 rules. For me its just easier to use books and cards where everything is spelled out plainly and I don't need to do things like subtract points for redundant teams durring list construction or reference the rule book for a converted AT and Firepower for my artillery. That is the main reason I play mid war. Plus its the period that Battlefront is currently releasing product for so I took the opportunity to collect kit to run Americans in mid war. I've been enjoying V4 mid war very much.
  5. Souldier3

    Practice for ENFILADE - SAT APR 14

    I will have to re-schedule for the 21st Sorry! Is it possible to change the date?
  6. I would be up for a Sat game maybe on the 14th. Also the No dice no glory podcast is starting a firestorm campaign in April. We could do that as well.
  7. So I guess you wont be crushing me beneath your PZ III's :) Wish you were coming but have a great time on your Vacation!
  8. I would be really interested in setting up a fog of war event. I have the cards but have not used them yet.
  9. You might have a good point. Maybe having some events down in Salem will help get more salem players back in action. I'll work on that.
  10. C. treking up from Salem poses challenges for me.
  11. Souldier3

    Thursdays gameplay at Guardian Games - 2018

    Thursday March 22 may be the first and hopefully not the last I trek up to GG on a thursday. I'll be bringing FoW V4 Americans. Essentially my mid war list for Sat. Will anyone be at GG?
  12. I plan on getting Armored Fist as the preview of the book seems like it will have some great content. Mid war moving into Stalingrad and the Eastern front will be cool.
  13. Is this going to be at the normal area or in the critical sip. I had one of the Salem players ask me because his kids will be with him.