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  1. Love that the monthly Event list is up! I'm planning on making it up to OCGG Tues. the 18th with a list for Dogs of War.
  2. Where does he post the respones? Does he go by ultracommander on NDNG? I appreciate him clarifying his intent I just wish if his intent was to have you add +1 with a slow firing weapon anytime you use your moving RoF that the rule was written that way.
  3. I would go to this. I think we have tried some new formats (mega battles, tanks giving, firestorm events) and it would be great to get feed back from those that participated. I would also be interested in reinforcing the concept of having more people host events or be involved in events other than as a player. Not everyone is interested in that but I think we have seen that people love the hobby and are willing to contribute to keep events happening.
  4. I have been discussing with some people on the NDNG forum and I thought of another instance in which you use your moving RoF but have not moved. Here is the scenario: There are tanks less than 4 inches from your dug in infantry. Your infantry does not move in the movement step. Your bazookas/shreks fire using moving RoF so that the can assault with the rest of the infantry teams. Are you penalizing your bazooka/shrek shot +1 because your using your moving RoF to be eligible to assault? I dont think I've seen anyone do that but it follows the same correlation of the pinned scenario. I found where this is coming from in the version 3 rules. Adding a +1 to a RoF 1 weapon when it is pinned used to be in the rules but they took that out. I think a ton of people have been still playing this way because old habits die hard.
  5. James that all makes logical sense but I just dont see anything in the rules to answer the question definitively. I sent a message to battlefront via Facebook. We will see if they answer. I'm not a big facebook user but I do have a account.
  6. Barca, I don't think I agree that a pinned unit is a moving unit. I think this would be an excellent question to Phil to be answered in LFTF. I think you inferring that because a pinned unit uses its moving rate of fire then it is a moving unit. But you can be pinned and not move and stay gone to ground. If being pinned meant that you were being treated as a moving unit then you could not stay gone to ground because you have to stay still and not move to be gone to ground. I didn't see Phil's email that he takes these questions on but if anyone knows please chime in.
  7. Zeke, a question on hosting a table. I offered to host an eastern front late war table. Do I need to provide forces for both sides or do you just want terrain?
  8. This campaign system looks fun. I never really looked to deeply into the V3 aces campaigns. I plan on making some of these dates. Will it be a problem if someone with limited time does not make all the dates?
  9. Hey Barca, I'll step up and host some games. Is there a particular month you were thinking in particular?
  10. I think #1 is best. I don't think I could craft a better one 🙂
  11. As soon as I can manage I'm heading over to Geeks and Games to pick the book up and the command cards! Unfortunately the games store in Salem decided not to stock any new FoW items. They are set on selling the mid war stuff they still have on the shelves.
  12. My opponent is bringing ALL tanks. So that would not be a good measure of how the mission is balanced. I will have to wait for another opportunity to test the air assault mission.
  13. I'm going to try and attempt the airborne mission tomorrow. I'll give feed back. Wish me luck!
  14. I painted up a V3 Fallshirmjager company a couple of years ago and only played them a limited amount so I am really looking forward to fielding them in V4. The Fallshirmjager stug company could be interesting.
  15. Good news on the store policy. We need to be able to have people who are younger than 21 be able to participate at all of our events. Thanks for Organizing Barca!
  16. Nm I think I missed your point. These are just for reference. Good links.
  17. This would be to large for flames would it not? I thought 15mm scale was between 1:100 and 1:76 yes?
  18. I can host a table for Flames of War, late war, eastern front.
  19. I hear you completely. I dont get regular games in at all. I'm more of an event or 1 time scheduled game here and there. If you ever do want to meet up for a game just let me know and I'll put it on my calendar and drive up to Portland.
  20. I think perception can be very different from reality based on your own experiences. Our group here has been hosting events last year and this year, all of which have been mid war. We have had new players participate. Barca also has a regular demo session which has introduced new players to the game. I have personally had the experience of tutoring a new player in one of these games who had already started collecting but did not have a full force to game with. It appears to me that you think flames is dead and for you that may be true because you dont play it. All you would need to do is start getting games in. There are plenty of opportunities here to organize and participate. I hope you do because it has been a long time since I played Mike in a game and it was a blast. I dont know if I have had the opportunity to meet brother glacius.
  21. I think defense in general can be boring because you are just sitting there trying to hold. But that is not necessarily true for everyone. Some people prefer to play defensively.
  22. Thx Barca, I had a good time seeing what US airborne can do. They are fairly tough but I think any infantry benefits from having some form of tank support. I'm working on singly based airborne for Chain of Command so when I get that done I'll be inviting you down for that!
  23. Reviewing possible accommodations in the area. This far north I can make it but driving back down that night makes for a long day from Salem.
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