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  1. Lord hanaur, I have you added to the roster. Please plan on bringing your terrain. I think we will hit our max players of 16 on 8 tables so it would be a huge help if you could help put 1 table of terrain out. Barca has lent me some of his terrain which means I can bring 3 tables. From there we have Taran Shannara, Wolf Pack 6, and you who have offered to help with terrain. So we need 2 more people to bring terrain if they can do so.
  2. Thank you Spencer290 I will review your list this evening. Look forward to seeing you at Enfilade!
  3. Billwebb, Thank you for submitting your list. It has been confirmed. Looking forward to seeing you at Enfilade!
  4. Wolf Pack 6 can I confirm that you will bring a table of terrain? I have 4 so far, need 4 more to fill 8 tables. If you could bring 1 we would be that much closer.
  5. Thank you Steve. I definitely think I will need you to bring terrain for 1 table. My own terrain is pretty limited so I probably will only be able to provide one Normandy type table and one East Front type table.
  6. Bill were you able to get a pass to the enfilade convention? Ticket do not need to be purchased on the tabletop events site. You just need to get your badge (registration) for the convention. We track people who are signing up for the tournament here on ordo like we have in the past. I'll add you to the roster. Let me know if anything changes.
  7. Thanks Wolf pack. If all others can also spread the word that would be helpful.
  8. updated 6/9/21 ENFILADE 2021 v4 Flames Of War Late-War Tournament Date: Saturday September 4, 2021 Location: Enfilade convention Hotel RL in Olympia, WA 2300 Evergreen Park Dr SW, Olympia, WA 98502 Convention Website: https://tabletop.events/conventions/enfilade-2021 Room: State Room Scale: 15mm Era: Late-war Forces: Acceptable forces include the following books from the Fortress Europe, D-day, and Bagration book series. Fortress Europe D-Day American D-Day German D-Day Waffen SS D-Day 21st Panzer D-Day British Bagration German Bagration Soviet Bagration Axis Allies Points: 85 Rounds: 3 Duration: 2h30m per round Tournament Organizer: Souldier3 (Souldier3@gmail.com) Missions: Round 1: Free for All Round 2: Contact Round 3: Dust up Please keep in mind that we are using the updated missions published by Battlefront in March 2021. Holding objectives will be as described in the updated mission "You are Holding an Objective if you start your turn with a Tank, Infantry, or Gun team within 4”/10cm of an Objective, and end it with no opposing Tank, Infantry, or Gun teams within 4”/10cm of that Objective." https://www.flamesofwar.com/Portals/0/Documents/FOW-Missions2021.pdf At 85 pts reserves will mean 51 points on the table and 34 points in reserves. Players bring their own miniatures and gaming items MINIATURES Must be painted to at least a 3-color standard: Infantry: 1) Flesh; 2) Uniform; 3) Equipment Tanks and guns: 1) Base color; 2) Tires/tracks; 3) Equipment Player's Tourney Lists need to be submitted before Sept. 1st in order our team to verify the list is correct. Email your list to Souldier3@gmail.com Schedule for Saturday September 4, 2021 = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 0730 - 0845 Table set up Player Check in start at 8:30 AM Player Meeting at 9:10 AM (10 min) Round 1 (2h30m) start 9:20-11:50 AM break (55 min) Round 2 (2h30m) start 12:45-3:15 PM break (15 min) Round 3 (2h30m) start 3:30-6:00 PM Awards Presentation (6:15 PM) Packup (6:30) More information will be provided as the details get worked out with NHMGS. For now if you can indicate your interest in attending this tournament I will be able to provide NHMGS with feedback on how many tables we will need. Also please indicate if you have terrain that you can bring to help set up tables. Registration: Must be registered for the Enfilade convention. Tournament is free. Possible to sign up at door if spots are still available.https://www.nhmgscitadel.com/enfilade/ (click the link at the bottom to proceed to tabletop.events) Or you can go directly to purchasing your pass to enfilade with the link below. https://tabletop.events/conventions/enfilade-2021/badgetypes We will have a total of 8 tables which means a total of 16 participants. slots will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. Your sign-up on the Enfilade registration is required, but we also need your army list info for balancing. Please respond to this thread with the following info: Name, avatar, nationality, first formation, list submitted (yes/no), list approved (yes/no), bringing terrain? AXIS Steve M. / taran.shannara / Hungarian / formation / no / no / yes (lmk if needed) Chris L. / Wolf pack 6 / German / formation / no / no / yes Josef McCoy / Lord Hanaur / German / formation / no / no / yes Terrain: if you need ALLIES Name / Billwebb / British / Formation / yes / yes / terrain? Steve / Zeke / Nation / Formation / no / no / terrain? Spencer / Spencer290 / Soviet / Hero T-34(85) Tank battalion / yes / yes / no terrain
  9. Zeke, I am thinking 100 pts max but I know some of our WA players have advocated for less points as a means of ensuring that games don't time out. I'm hoping that you do Tanksgiving this year and we can bring our some high points/big tanks for that! At this point I'm thinking of late war tourney using d-day books and bagration books. Still open to comments though.
  10. Hi Wolf pack 6. I am stepping up to organize the FoW tournament at Enfilade 2021 this year. I have contacted the Enfilade organizers and have confirmed that we can plan to be in the state room. Depending on the number of players we have attending the tournament we may be sharing the room with other games but if we are not using the full space then I don't see a problem. At this point the Era, points levels, and books out of which to pick forces is undetermined so let start the conversation. Do people want to play Mid or Late?
  11. I started to base extra infantry models that I have for FoW on small washers so the figures are individually based for use in Chain of Command. My entire reason for skipping the 28mm models that are pretty common for games like Bolt Action and Chain of Command is that I already have a large FoW collection and I wanted to avoid collecting in two different scales. Same logic applies to the terrain that I have collected. Additionally smaller scales are less expensive. I think you are on the right track if you are wanting to play both FoW and Bolt aciton.
  12. I have already begun using a webcam to play D&D remotely since my group is spread all over Oregon. Using google hangouts to connect has been working. I could see this used for FoW. Just position the camera such that it can see the table rather than you and the other participant can see your tabletop. The person hosting would have to have all the minis and terrain and the remote person indicates how they want them moved to the person hosting. It does take alot of setup and it does have a cost associated but I could see myself hosting a game remotely. I'm still on my normal work schedule so my hobby time has not exploded.
  13. I have such a backlog of kits that have been waiting to get painted I'm focusing on getting them done.
  14. I will be there! Bringing German Beach Defense Company
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