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  1. I hear you completely. I dont get regular games in at all. I'm more of an event or 1 time scheduled game here and there. If you ever do want to meet up for a game just let me know and I'll put it on my calendar and drive up to Portland.
  2. I think perception can be very different from reality based on your own experiences. Our group here has been hosting events last year and this year, all of which have been mid war. We have had new players participate. Barca also has a regular demo session which has introduced new players to the game. I have personally had the experience of tutoring a new player in one of these games who had already started collecting but did not have a full force to game with. It appears to me that you think flames is dead and for you that may be true because you dont play it. All you would need to do is start getting games in. There are plenty of opportunities here to organize and participate. I hope you do because it has been a long time since I played Mike in a game and it was a blast. I dont know if I have had the opportunity to meet brother glacius.
  3. I think defense in general can be boring because you are just sitting there trying to hold. But that is not necessarily true for everyone. Some people prefer to play defensively.
  4. Thx Barca, I had a good time seeing what US airborne can do. They are fairly tough but I think any infantry benefits from having some form of tank support. I'm working on singly based airborne for Chain of Command so when I get that done I'll be inviting you down for that!
  5. Reviewing possible accommodations in the area. This far north I can make it but driving back down that night makes for a long day from Salem.
  6. Thank you to all who came out. I hope everyone had a good time trying something a little different. Feedback is welcome, message me if you'd like to share some. Jake
  7. CITY FIGHT PDF has been updated after play testing and feedback. Also for those who are kindly bringing a table of terrain. Oregon City Geeks and Games has given the ok for tables to be set up Friday night the 28th so we don't have to set up all tables the morning of the event.
  8. Updated rules on capturing an objective are a help as well as that will stop a game from dragging on.
  9. Attached is the mission that will be used for the city fights for the event. This is intended to be a fair mission for each side and as simple as possible. Please let me know if you have any questions on how the city fights will work. CITY FIGHT.pdf
  10. After discussing their findings (Barca and Phyfor88) on testing out the city fight rules we have decided to just have the city fight tables played with standard rules. In addition we will craft a basic scenario for use on the city fight tables that will be similar to a fair fight mission where attacker/defender are on equal footing. Please stand by for specifics on the mission for the city fight tables. Thanks to James and Nelson for testing out the city fight rules.
  11. Let us know how the city fighting goes! The rules don't seem that difficult as it is mainly about not having to measure and not having to figure out line of sight for shooting.
  12. Thankfully the mini rulebooks that are being included in the box sets like hit the beach are the updated latest versions. This made me happy as I was not keen to buy another hardback rulebook that was 95% the same.
  13. I have read a lot about this type of mission selection, much of it is positive. I would love to try it as I think it can add a layer of strategy that goes with list building.
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