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  1. spencercf

    Bolt Action Roll Call

    Not Bolt Action, but there are plenty of seats left for a WW2 Pacific Tarawa game using the Islands of Glory rules by Easy Eight. You can sign up to play this game at Ambuscade this Saturday by using this link (registration is easy): http://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080a45a9aa23a5f58-ambuscade More info on Ambuscade here: https://ambuscadeportland.blogspot.com/2017/11/ambuscade-is-this-saturday.html
  2. AMBUSCADE!, a FREE* one-day historical miniatures gaming event, upstairs in the bar area of Guardian Games, is THIS SATURDAY. For those unfamiliar with the concept, these are fully hosted games – there is a wonderful game master who brings their the 100s of miniatures, rules, the terrain, tape measures, cute little model houses, dice – EVERYTHING, so that all you need to bring is YOURSELF and an expectation for a fun day of pushing miniatures around and rolling dice! There are still quite a few seats available at various games, for which you can use an early sign-up (registration is as early as your name and email) and reserve a seat, so there's no uncertainty as to whether you will play a game or not! You can also just show up on Saturday and there's old-fashion pen-and-paper sign-ups too! Guardian opens at 10:00 a.m. Session A games will begin at 11:00 a.m. and is scheduled to last four hours. Session B will begin no later than 4:00 p.m. but some games might start earlier if all players are there and the table is set up. You can see what seats remain and sign up for a game here: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080a45a9aa23a5f58-ambuscade You can find additional information about the event and its location here: https://ambuscadeportland.blogspot.com/p/details-schedule-ambuscade-2017.html *However donations to cover the $50 room rental are appreciated!
  3. spencercf

    Sign-up now to play games at Ambuscade 12-2-17

    It's already November 6th, which means AMBUSCADE! 2017 on December 2nd is just around the corner! If you have not decided on going yet, perhaps these extra early sign-up seats at all our great games will get you off the fence? https://ambuscadeportland.blogspot.com/2017/11/more-early-sign-up-slots-now-available.html
  4. Early sign-ups for games are open and you may sign-up for one game in Session A and one game in Session B. Registration is as easy as your name and e-mail. http://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080a45a9aa23a5f58-ambuscade For the moment, early sign-ups are limited to four seats at each game – this will leave a reserve of seats that will be opened up for sign-ups closer to the day of the event, and still allow anyone finding out about the event at the last moment a chance to sign up for a game. The second annual AMBUSCADE! one-day historical miniature wargaming event will be held on Saturday, December 2, 2017, in the upstairs Level Up room of Guardian Games . This event is FREE to attend, but donations are greatly appreciated to pay for the rental of the Level Up. Session A will be 11:00am-3:00pm and Session B will be 4:00pm-8:00pm. These are hosted games - the host provides all minis, terrain, rules, etc. - just bring yourself! SESSION A 1. Guns of Liberty (10mm American Revolution) 2. Black Powder (25mm Napoleonic Wars) 3. In Her Majesty's Name (28mm Pulp) 4. Hail Caesar! (28mm Romans vs. Germanics) 5. Rapid Fire (1/72 WW2 North Africa) 6. The Sword & the Flame (28mm Indian Mutiny) [SEE PIC ATTACHED!] SESSION B 1. Muskets & Tomahawks (28mm French & Indian War) 2. Post-Apocalyptic (28mm convention homebrew rules) 3. Black Powder (20mm Crimean War) 4. To the Strongest (15mm Romans vs. Macedonians) [SEE PIC ATTACHED!] 5. Pike & Shotte (15mm Thirty Years War) 6. Tarawa! (20mm WW2) Full schedule and other details can be found here: https://ambuscadeportland.blogspot.com/p/details-schedule-ambuscade-2017.html
  5. spencercf

    Saga @ Guardian Games 6/24

    This is cancelled. We connected with a few more Portland-area players while up at Enfilade, so we'll try and set something up next month with more players.
  6. spencercf

    Saga @ Guardian Games 6/24

    Some tables reserved for SAGA (BYO Warbands) Saturday June 24 at Guardian Games, 2:00-6:00. More info at https://www.facebook.com/groups/Rosecity.Bondi/?ref=br_tf
  7. spencercf

    SAGA at GuardianGames 5/20

    Save the date! Saga tournament on October 14. https://ambuscadeportland.blogspot.com/2017/05/save-date-shield-and-spear-saga.html
  8. spencercf

    SAGA at GuardianGames 5/20

    Absolutely. C&C factions can play against Dark Age factions no problem. One player in our group runs only Crusaders and usually ends up playing against Anglo-Danes, Normans, Vikings, whatever...
  9. spencercf

    SAGA at GuardianGames 5/20

    Hah! Sorry! Was conflating two different things into one... BYO warbands at Guardian next Saturday May 20. There is also an upcoming Saga tournament on October 14.
  10. spencercf

    SAGA at GuardianGames 5/20

    Some tables reserved for SAGA (BYO Warbands) next Saturday (May 20) at Guardian Games, 2:00-6:00. More info at https://www.facebook.com/groups/Rosecity.Bondi/?ref=br_tf
  11. spencercf

    Historical skirmish games 4/22

    Reminder we will be playing SAGA at Guardian Games on April 22, from 2 to 6 (in the back bar, so 21+ only). See Portland Historical Wargaming facebook page for more info (https://www.facebook.com/groups/Rosecity.Bondi/?ref=bookmarks). No demo games planned, sorry.
  12. spencercf

    Warhammer Ancients

    There are multiple Portland players with extra armies. Don't know if they run or have run WAB or not. Message me your email, if you like, and I'll try and loop you into an upcoming game. Some of us historical players will be at Guardian on the 22nd 2-6 if you want to stop by and say hi and chat.
  13. spencercf

    Historical skirmish games 4/22

    Being crushed to death by their lead mountains, prolly.
  14. Members in good standing of the Northwest Historical Miniature Gaming Society (NHMGS) will be playing skirmish level games such as SAGA and Pikeman's Lament at Guardian Games on April 22, from 2 to 6 (in the back bar, so 21+ only). See 'Portland Historical Wargaming' facebook page for more info (https://www.facebook.com/groups/Rosecity.Bondi/?ref=bookmarks). Drop us a line if you have questions or see you there
  15. Please join fellow historical miniature enthusiasts for an afternoon of skirmish gaming. Play will certainly include SAGA, and perhaps Lion Rampant or something of a WWII flavor. As a rule of thumb, if you bring a SAGA faction, you will find an opponent. Meet in the back bar of Guardian Games, 2pm to 6pm, on Saturday January 21st.