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  1. You can also make effective and attractive hedgerows by: Gluing a strip of pluck foam down to a wooden tongue depressor Covering the new piece in thinned PVA Placing foliage (Woodland Scenics or whatever cheaper brand you prefer—just looking for the foam-based kind) on the still-wet pluck foam Use various grit to cover the visible area of the tongue depressor Paint the grit like dirt/rocks Cover the whole thing in a few more coats of thinned PVA to lock it all down For craters, you can do a similar thing. Cut out your base out of whatever you wan
  2. Red Goblins were always Irregular so there's no change there, but in general it's a big change (along with regiments of Large Infantry unlocking nothing). Skeleton Cav were...bad. Like, really bad. Move 9 and Nimble is OK, but being Shambling it was almost always better just to bring Goblin or whatever cav if you wanted them as a late-game objective grabber (-/16 isn't all that important with damage output that low). I'm glad that their stats have been rolled into the archer cav and the melee roll replaced by Revenant Cav who fulfill the same aesthetic role, but with significant mechanical
  3. Oh no, plenty of people were stubborn enough to bring Scorpion Husks even though they had zero purpose in the list, but now we have the freedom to use scorpions as something useful! We're free!
  4. Keep in mind that the rulebook has all the story in it—the two-player starter just has the rules IIRC.
  5. They'd be interesting to use as bits for a Sylvaneth army as well.
  6. Yep, I’m with you. The execution is pretty high, but the idea seems poor to begin with. These just end up looking like a pile of genestealers with dumb head swaps and Morghast equipment thrown on.
  7. They look like if Necrons were what happened when Engineers met genestealers—and we’re doused with joker gas. I’m not a fan.
  8. Yep, I attended the event held at GG last summer. It was run by a fellow named Dan Wright who I don’t believe has any Ordo presence. He and another guy named Dustin head things up in Portland in terms of the events I’ve seen for KoW down there, but again no Ordo presence. One of the worst parts of KoW to me is that the community has really hitched itself to the Facebook wagon so, if you want to get in touch with people, that’s the social media outlet to do it on. Main group is Pacific Northwest Kings of War which encompasses the entire PNW, but they’ll sort you out in terms of game night
  9. The big difference is those armies didn't get a big release to go along with their retirement. Vanilla Tohaa has access to all of Spiral Corps as confirmed in this video (right around 6:48). I wouldn't expect a lot of repacks to happen for the Tohaa, but they're not dropping all non-Spiral Corps Tohaa and in fact are greatly strengthening core Tohaa armies with the inclusion of the Spiral Corps release--provided you already own the discontinued SKUs of course.
  10. 1) No problem and I get it. I was just pointing out that Infinity isn't like 40k in that--without knowing what the list you're playing is--I can't rule out the vast majority of equipment/special rules from being in the army as they're aren't faction locked in the same way. But yeah, figuring out what your army is and then practicing the basics of order of operations and what specific equipment does in your list is a good way to get started in most any game and especially in Infinity. 2) There's a button for list validation in the official army builder and, for the most part, it's correct. I
  11. Here are my quick-fire answers to both your assumptions about the game and your specific questions. Hope you find it helpful! 1) Infinity is not a game you can just skim the rulebook and be fine. Besides rare equipment/rules such as Sepsitors, Nomads have access to everything in the game. In fact, most factions have access to 90%+ of the total rules/equipment available in at least a token way. Infinity is not like 40k where army identity is tied to reams of exclusive units and equipment, but instead the availability and combinations of those rules. While it's smart to stick to what you're f
  12. They also cut one of the plastic models they produced in 7th Ed from the line. A bold move, Cotton.
  13. Didn’t see Slaves in the book, but they were really Clan Rats at heart anyway so it’ll be fine. That said, they’re not exactly as cheap as I think you’re thinking at 5-6 PPM (max VS min unit size).
  14. Poor MAF. Your changes look more like a buff to Onyx and vanilla CA rather than what was needed to bring you up to speed.
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