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  1. They'd be interesting to use as bits for a Sylvaneth army as well.
  2. Yep, I’m with you. The execution is pretty high, but the idea seems poor to begin with. These just end up looking like a pile of genestealers with dumb head swaps and Morghast equipment thrown on.
  3. They look like if Necrons were what happened when Engineers met genestealers—and we’re doused with joker gas. I’m not a fan.
  4. Yep, I attended the event held at GG last summer. It was run by a fellow named Dan Wright who I don’t believe has any Ordo presence. He and another guy named Dustin head things up in Portland in terms of the events I’ve seen for KoW down there, but again no Ordo presence. One of the worst parts of KoW to me is that the community has really hitched itself to the Facebook wagon so, if you want to get in touch with people, that’s the social media outlet to do it on. Main group is Pacific Northwest Kings of War which encompasses the entire PNW, but they’ll sort you out in terms of game nights and such if you ask.
  5. The big difference is those armies didn't get a big release to go along with their retirement. Vanilla Tohaa has access to all of Spiral Corps as confirmed in this video (right around 6:48). I wouldn't expect a lot of repacks to happen for the Tohaa, but they're not dropping all non-Spiral Corps Tohaa and in fact are greatly strengthening core Tohaa armies with the inclusion of the Spiral Corps release--provided you already own the discontinued SKUs of course.
  6. 1) No problem and I get it. I was just pointing out that Infinity isn't like 40k in that--without knowing what the list you're playing is--I can't rule out the vast majority of equipment/special rules from being in the army as they're aren't faction locked in the same way. But yeah, figuring out what your army is and then practicing the basics of order of operations and what specific equipment does in your list is a good way to get started in most any game and especially in Infinity. 2) There's a button for list validation in the official army builder and, for the most part, it's correct. I haven't seen the validation ever be wrong, but I have seen the stats be off once or twice before getting corrected so that's something to be aware of (although the general way of figuring out what version is correct in Infinity is FAQ>wiki>army builder>army book). Duo is especially confusing because it's one of the Fireteams that non-sectorial lists have access to, but only if they bring an EVO REM (remote) and spend one of their command points at the beginning of the game. It's super niche, but it's there. 3) That was someone either trying to be funny or trolling. There are no sectorials or armies that are on the army builder that are not allowed. There are formats that change what models are legal where, but that's a whole different thing and even then the sectorials on the army builder don't just go away. Corregidor is fully legal. 4) Pilots are a little weird as the models were added a fair bit after they started producing TAG models. Technically you need to purchase a separate model for pilots (which the Gecko has an official one if you'd like), but you only need one if you plan to get out of your TAG/if your opponent forces you out via hacking. Both of these are pretty niche practices as pilots leaving their TAGs make both models super vulnerable and disembarking tends to be a more advanced form of play. As for the hacking example, it's one example and widely considered a waste of resources in most circumstances--especially against small potatoes like a Gecko. So, yeah, you technically should have a model that you can produce for the pilot of your TAG, but it won't be used very often. (Although most people collect the pilot models as they're some of the more interesting Infinity models and make for pretty cool HVTs when you're not bringing the TAG). 5) Infinity has an...interesting modeling policy. The game is both one where proper representation of your models is important for the clarity of the game state and one where to make every variation of unit type would be too limiting a factor for retailers and collectors so instead you can sorta use anything as anything. Granted, this is technically anything reasonable, but given how subjective that statement is it can get a little weird. For the most part, people will expect you to use the model that matches the profile you're fielding if it exists (so WYSIWYG) and, if it doesn't, the best practice is to use the same type of model as what you want with a proper weapon swap to the profile you're fielding (e.g. chopping the Combi-rifle off of a Hellcat and replacing it with a Spitfire to represent a Hellcat with a Spitfire). When no model exists, people tend to either convert their own version or use the Spec-Ops models to represent them (Spec-Ops are any of the models in boxes marked Dire Foes or marked Spec-Ops). That said, you don't need a special model to represent skill sets--just equipment. In your Lt. example, this would actually be frowned upon as who the Lt. is in a force is hidden information in almost all Infinity missions. You do not declare and should not visibly mark who your lieutenant is on the model as it removes some of the gameplay along with putting you at a sometimes-massive disadvantage.
  7. Here are my quick-fire answers to both your assumptions about the game and your specific questions. Hope you find it helpful! 1) Infinity is not a game you can just skim the rulebook and be fine. Besides rare equipment/rules such as Sepsitors, Nomads have access to everything in the game. In fact, most factions have access to 90%+ of the total rules/equipment available in at least a token way. Infinity is not like 40k where army identity is tied to reams of exclusive units and equipment, but instead the availability and combinations of those rules. While it's smart to stick to what you're fielding for now as Infinity is an incredibly complex game system, if you plan to stick around you'll need to know a lot more about how everything works than you would for a standard 40k army. 2) Fireteams are optional and (mostly) only available to sectorial armies. Sectorials are more like what the mini codeces for 40k were like back in 3rd ed in that they're subfactions within factions. In the case of Nomads, Nomads is the parent faction while Corregidor, Bakunin, and Tunguska are the sectorials. Sectorials are themed lists that limit your access to units in your faction and give you sectorials while the main factions are the overarching whole of the country. Long story short, you can field the Gecko in any army that the online army builder lets you choose it in and, even if that's in a sectorial, Fireteams are always optional. 3) Just as another note on sectorials, the only sectorial that can field the Gecko in Nomads is Corregidor. They are of course available in the main faction of Nomads if you choose to pass on playing a sectorial, though.
  8. They also cut one of the plastic models they produced in 7th Ed from the line. A bold move, Cotton.
  9. Didn’t see Slaves in the book, but they were really Clan Rats at heart anyway so it’ll be fine. That said, they’re not exactly as cheap as I think you’re thinking at 5-6 PPM (max VS min unit size).
  10. A post so Portland it hurts.
  11. Poor MAF. Your changes look more like a buff to Onyx and vanilla CA rather than what was needed to bring you up to speed.
  12. I've learned to just immediately stop paying attention when an employee tells me to "think of the children."
  13. I've got one for you. Just PM me where/when and I'll give it to you (giggidy).
  14. By that definition, I’m not quite Brad Pitt.
  15. That new Suryat profile doesn't seem the best for MAF, but for Onyx it'll definitely be worth trying out. An extra order is pretty nice when you can't form a Fireteam with him anyway! In MAF, I think I'd rather have him in the new Vanguard core if I'm gonna run him.
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