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  1. Hey man, wondering what colors you used to make your DK army?

  2. Thank you all for the kind words!
  3. Thanks guys! So far I've played one game with them (with another lined up for next week). 1850pts against SW. Things worked about as planned. Rerolling to hit and wound Berzerkers with with 3 combat rounds made short work of his Thunderwolf Cav. Obliterators deep struck and made short work of his Longfangs and other backfield threats. Meanwhile the Blood Slaughterers chewed through everything else. I played too aggressively with the "Bikers" but they managed to harry a couple Tac squads.
  4. According to the ebay auction it's a Night Lords Helbrute...
  5. Has anyone found any tricks for making some of the old GW minis, particularly Marines, seem more in-scale with the current line? I've heard of adding a layer of plasticard to the bottom of the mini's feet to give it some extra height, but I haven't tried it yet. I have a classic Kharn mini I'd like to use, but the smaller scale makes him look ridiculous.
  6. I had a couple hours free this weekend so I started working on Kharne, aka counts-as-Exalted Champion. WIP
  7. Good point. I just meant the bikes. I still need to finish a squad of cultists, some bloodletters, and a couple HQ before the army is finished. After that I wouldn't mind adding a Lord of Skulls... I'll try and put together a group shot as soon as I can
  8. With the exception of their magnetized guns, the Death Knights of Khorne are complete!
  9. I haven't had much time for painting lately, but I've been trying to get in an hour here or there every so often. As a result, these guys have been stuck in limbo for a bit. They're not done yet, but they're getting close. Death Knight Riders (Bikers) Inspiration
  10. I'm going to need to look at this on a different monitor I think. In the last post of mine, the 2nd one looks lavender to me, but then this monitor here at work is a cheap Dell monitor...
  11. A couple more tries in the painter: http://bolterandchainsword.com/ssbeta.php?bpe=FAF1E3&bpj=faf1e3&bp=faf1e3&bpc=FFBF00&hdt=faf1e3&hdm=faf1e3&hdl=faf1e3&ey=3200BD&er=faf1e3&pi=3200BD&reb=3200BD&nk=faf1e3&ch=faf1e3&abs=faf1e3&bt=FFBF00&is=FFBF00&sk=3200BD&ull=faf1e3&lk=FFBF00&lll=faf1e3&lft=faf1e3&url=faf1e3&rk=FFBF00&flk=3200BD&lrl=faf1e3&rft=faf1e3&slt=FFBF00&sli=faf1e3&fs=3200BD&srt=FFBF00&sri=faf1e3&iss=3200BD&slv=faf1e3&ula=faf1e3&lla=faf1e3&lh=faf1e3&ura=faf1e3&rla=faf1e3&rh=faf1e3&ri=FFBF00&tr=FFBF00&gr=faf1e3&rb=faf1e3&bg=ffffff& http://bolterandchainsword.com/ssbeta.php?bpe=FAF1E3&bpj=faf1e3&bp=faf1e3&bpc=FFBF00&hdt=faf1e3&hdm=faf1e3&hdl=faf1e3&ey=4D4FDB&er=faf1e3&pi=4D4FDB&reb=4D4FDB&nk=faf1e3&ch=faf1e3&abs=faf1e3&bt=FFBF00&is=FFBF00&sk=4D4FDB&ull=faf1e3&lk=FFBF00&lll=faf1e3&lft=faf1e3&url=faf1e3&rk=FFBF00&flk=4D4FDB&lrl=faf1e3&rft=faf1e3&slt=FFBF00&sli=faf1e3&fs=4D4FDB&srt=FFBF00&sri=faf1e3&iss=4D4FDB&slv=faf1e3&ula=faf1e3&lla=faf1e3&lh=faf1e3&ura=faf1e3&rla=faf1e3&rh=faf1e3&ri=FFBF00&tr=FFBF00&gr=faf1e3&rb=faf1e3&bg=ffffff&
  12. As Riley and Aaron can attest, I tend to paint mostly darker schemes, so my natural tendency is leaning me toward the black and white as well. For some reason the BnC version of that looks a bit boring to me though. I think it's the lack of contrasting color. It needs a shade of red to really pop
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