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With the gnomes fully assembled, it was time to get some color on them....and for me, white is a color :biggrin:. I opted to white prime, using an old can of P3 I've had around for awhile. I normally like to use watered-down Gesso, but that method would be too laborious for this project. Many painters like black primer as it is great for blackening and speeding up the process, but I've always preferred the brightness white primer provides. Once the priming is complete, my idea is to spray the base olive color on all the models and then follow my normal painting process after.


Above is my very high tech priming rig; for those of you looking to emulate my perfect method, collect a box, box cutter, and saw horses. I think the next step is pretty logical, so I'll save you the explanation. As you will see in the pics below, the primer has given me the blank canvas for the olive paint.

First up, here is one of the two Blitzers; I plan on placing a red mushroom on the player base to denote the contraption as a positional player. The Troll Slayers will have a similar methodology, with a colored mushroom making their position clear. 


The formally red Deathroller is now white and ready for color.


The rest of the Gnome models. The Gnome with the ball on the right is one of the two Runners. The Gnome on the left with the wrench is the head coach.


This contraption is a Troll Slayer.


Next, I tested out some olive spray I purchased at Walmart. Now, I understand the difference between matte, gloss and satin...but I'm also lazy. So even though satin was the only olive color available, I still purchased it. The result? GLOSSY MODELS! Shocked? Me either...but as the consummate professional I am, I decided to go ahead and see how the satin paint affects the actual painting process. I also covered the right Gnome in Vallejo matte medium to hopefully provide some tooth and reduce the satin finish, as you see below, it's still satiny.


Next up, some paint on the test models...stay tuned 


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