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Ace of base (coats)






A lot has been going on at and around the Weaver house and Ordo over the last few weeks, but that doesn't mean there hasn't bee progress on the Gnomes. I am knee-deep, or if I was a Gnome, barely ankle deep, in base coating the little buggers. As you may recall from the last blog post, I am using a satin finish spray paint to base the models prior to picking out the armor, leather, beards, skin and caps. Here is a reminder of the spray's sating finish (BOOOOO), but I'm sticking with using it.


Picking out the details on the Gnomes themselves isn't too difficult, even with the smaller size. The base Gnomes are having their leather painted with P3 Greatcoat Grey, Their armor with Citadel Base Leadbelcher, the tunics are being touched up with Citadel Color Goblin Green, flesh is P3 Midland Flesh, and their caps are Vallejo Game Color Scarlett Red, highlighted up to Vallejo Model Color Flat Red.


Below are the stages of completion; on the left you will see a fully painted and based Gnome, or rather, Dwarf Longbeard for @Ziggensteam. Next to the right is a based model after a liberal wash with Citadel Shade Nuln Oil. The final model on the right is a base coated model, after being sprayed with the satin paint, followed by the skin, leather, beard and cap being picked out.


It took just a 'little' bit of time (pun fully intended) to get the models based and ready for wash. This blog post doesn't include the work being done on the contraptions, but that post will come next. In the picture below you can see the Runners (holding footballs) and two of the more heavily armored Gnomes on each side.


Lastly, here is a size and quality comparison; obviously the left is the Impact Miniatures Gnome and the right is a new Willy's tentacle chaos star player, who I am beginning working on for The Golden Tentacle Blood Bowl tournament in Everett, Washington on 5/5/2018. 


Post four will include the contraptions! 


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