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*CANCELLED* Hall of Fame Derby - Blood Bowl tournament

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The second annual Hall of Fame Derby will be held on 3/21 at the Ordo Clubhouse. This tournament is a combination effort by the Everett Blood Bowl League and Ordo Bowl. For more details, contact @Weav or visit Facebook.

This March 21st will bring the Second Annual Hall of Fame Derby in Portland, Oregon at the Ordo Fanticus Clubhouse. This is a joint production of the Everett Blood Bowl League and Ordo Fanaticus.

Continue the tradition! 
Participate in the second Hall of Fame Derby and play one of the sixteen currently-published Hall of Fame Teams from Death Zone 1&2 and Spike Magazines 1-8. Only one of each team will be allowed to compete for the crown!

Register at ebbltournaments@gmail.com. Pay $15 ($20 for non-NAF members) via Paypal at ebbltournaments@gmail.com. Everyone who is registered and paid by February 21st will be included in a drawing to determine the order for choosing a team. The order will be posted by February 22nd. Players who register after February 21st will need to choose one of the remaining teams after all of the pre-registered players have selected a team. 

The Hall of Fame Teams
All teams for the Hall of Fame Derby must be played as published with the following modifications, if any. 
All teams are approximately 2,000,000 TV.

  • Death Zone 1 The Bright Crusaders (Human) no changes
  • Death Zone 1 The Orcland Raiders (Orc) no changes
  • Death Zone 2 Warpfire Wanderers (Skaven) no changes
  • Death Zone 2 The Greenboyz (Goblins) no changes
  • Death Zone 2 The Grudge Bearers (Dwarf) no changes
  • Death Zone 2 The Celestial Comets (Elf Union) Elf players may not start on the teleporting trapdoor; they must move at least 1 space to move onto the trapdoor as part of their activation each turn
  • Death Zone 2 The Chaos All Stars (Chaos Renegades) no changes
  • Death Zone 2 The Underworld Creepers (Underworld Denizens) no changes
  • Spike Magazine #1 The Doom Lords (Chaos) Remove Beastman player Dumbgluck
  • Spike Magazine #2 Naggaroth Nightwings (Dark Elf) Remove 1 re-roll and 1 fan factor
  • Spike Magazine #3 Nurgle’s Rotters (Nurgle) Remove 1 fan factor and 1 cheerleader
  • Spike Magazine #4 Champions of Death (Shambling Undead) no changes
  • Spike Magazine #5 Greenfield Grasshuggers (Halflings) Remove Halfling Hot Pot and 1 fan factor, Add Rumbelow Sheepskin
  • Spike Magazine #6 Athelorn Avengers (Wood Elf) Add Bloodweiser Keg, Fend to Lineman Honeydew Meadow, 2 Assistant Coaches, 1 Cheerleader
  • Spike Magazine #7 Gwakamoli Crater Gators (Lizardmen) Add Mighty Blow to Saurus Gryndar
  • Spike Magazine #8 Fire Mountain Gut Busters (Ogre) Remove Firebelly, Add Ogre with Guard, Add Agility 4 to Gnoblar Scritchit



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