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  1. my regular knight is the forgeworld model. my knight tyrant is new on sprue currently
  2. ordered the knight tyrant. 3 knights at 2k. I am a glutton for punishment.
  3. Maybe about beer in the past, I don’t remember. color wise the standard night is rust red and bronze. the porphyrion is going to be a mix of pre herasey world eaters and rx-78 gundam new knights color will match the standard night
  4. Can you buy me a beer? I want to here all about ofcc while drinking your beer. Ps. I have been to 5 ofcc’s
  5. I wouldn’t taken the three big knights to ofcc. It doesn’t gel well with opponents having fun.
  6. Then I just need to buy little knights as I have a regular and porphyrion
  7. Though putting the shorter range weapons on the tyrant and getting him stuck in and saving 2 cp when he is destroyed so he blows up on a 4+ on either die or super blows up if you get 2 4+’s
  8. Pretty much. A shooty camper list
  9. I play in like three events in a normal year. Ofcc and 2 competitive events. I don’t plan on taking trophy. In 5 games I hope to go 3-2
  10. With the new forgeworld book headed my way, I am putting together my porphyrion. so I have a despoiler and thinking about adding a knight tyrant. so 2 big shooty guys and a semi assaulty standard knight. does this have a chance to win half of its games or am I doomed to last?
  11. i went with the rulebook and the 2 extra books. I am curious if forgeworld will release points or they are in the muturinum or what ever it is called.
  12. totally small squads will have there place but you will still see larger squads
  13. I am looking for one for my 13 year old son for the summer. does anybody have any recommendations?
  14. Why are there no knight armies at the ambassador? I have a closet full of forgeworld knights to bring!!!! 😈
  15. They heard we canceled ofcc so it was safe to release 😉
  16. Thanks for the tips. These are the useful things I was searching for.
  17. My in-laws purchased a new patriot 105 for me for Christmas. I am very excited and eager to try it out once I get home. Any tips to help a new airbrush owner?
  18. Printing models and bits is the same as buying forged world from China. Or casting it yourself. If the model is printed and you can’t tell the difference. Keep your silence and print. Some of my forge world is fake the rest is from Nottingham. Nobody can tell. Am I am evil dude? kind of but I am ok with it. I spent several grand at Nottingham on forge world so the smaller amount of fakes I am ok with.
  19. i want to borrow on for the day. in case somebody is being a dick. it is 1 cp to upgrade to the detachment and the relic shock attack is free upgrade.
  20. looking for Vigilus Defiant for ofcc so i can take the relic shok attack gun. does anybody have a copy for me?
  21. I will man up and make this. Fluger deserves that.
  22. As a fundraiser, more ways to raise funds would be awesome $1 reroll a die $5 reroll a rerolled die $20 place a die that can be rolled down on any number Messing with the fate of others is more expensive : $10 force opponent to reroll a die $50 force an opponent to reroll a previously rerolled die. $100 have your opponent place a die down on any value you choose Army building: is 2000 points to restrictive buy points for your army at $1 per point can you buy a victory? Heck yes!!!!
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