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  1. All PM's responded to Hydra's, Valkyrie and Chimeras are all Sale panding funds. Medusa price lowered to $50 EACH
  2. All PM's responded to. Hydra's are sale pending funds everything else is still fro sale. Thanks everyone for checking out my thread
  3. All PM's responded everything still for sale.
  4. Still have the Valkyrie. I live in Vancouver Washington.
  5. Clearing out closet for room for baby stuff. I do not have have time to play anymore, and I need the money for newborn daughter Catachan Lot 54 Regular Catchan guardsmen 7 Kneeling 4 Old school Lascannons 3 Old school Autocannons 4 Old school Missile Luanchers 9 Demo Charges 8 Flamers 7 Plasama 1 Heavy Bolter 6 Chick grenade launcher 12 Sergeants Box of bits to make at least 1 more squad of guardsmen $75 for lot
  6. SPF means Sell pending funds, sorry if that is not used on these forums. Thanks for checking out my thread though.
  7. I received these in a trade several years ago never got into the War hammer Fantasy. I am not even sure 100% what everything is so I just took pictures of it all. $180 for everything OBO (no low balls) I will not part out and no trades I just had my second daughter so I will not have anytime to game for the foreseeable future. sorry for the photos they are from my phone, I can post better if you want. Thanks for looking
  8. FOR SALE NEW NEVER PAINTED OR USED GAME BOARD $180 OBO (no low balls) NO Trades I just had my second daughter which means my gaming time is now zero. So instead of waiting 18 plus years I figure sell it to someone who can use it now. Sorry for the quality of the pictures they were from my phone. I can send more pictures if you need. Thanks for looking
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