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  1. @Maxwell Christian when are you available to pummel some rats?
  2. @Maxwell Christian when do the undead want to kill some rats? What does your schedule look like?
  3. Thanks for the game @Burk that was quite a thrashing, but I made it through basically net. Despite 6 injuries and everything else, everyone seems to have survived free and clear. It was as if they never even stepped onto the pitch. Perhaps those are the concussions talking.
  4. its what I get for reading material and not being on the computer for a few hours
  5. [big bad swear word] I just saw this. I’m good now if you are still up for it.
  6. This Sunday is a no go. Wife already set plans. I’ve got a cleared schedule today from noon until 3:30, or I can do next week lunch time games. I could also probably do a 5 pm game next Thursday.
  7. I generally can't do early evening because of young kids (unless it was on a weekend), but I have a fairly flexible work schedule during the week next week and could do some lunchtime/afternoon games if that could work for you. If not, I can look at Sunday mornings (as Saturday is tee ball day).
  8. The rats are ready to run away from the Khemri any night basically after 7:30 pst or so except tuesdays. What does your schedule look like? I can also probably work in some other times with advance notice.
  9. Sounds good. I’ll book the time on my end.
  10. @scotthartman I can do a game today starting at 2:30, or can play Thursday/Friday if we start around noon. What works best for you?
  11. alright, i need to check my work schedule coming up this week. I could probably do a lunchtime/afternoon game if I don't have meetings and can make up the time. Definitely can't do Tuesday because it's tee ball. I'll no more once I get some projects moving this weekend.
  12. The rats take a devastating defeat to their more mutated underworld brethren. What looked like a potentially lucky run from a stripped ball in the first half turned into a pitch of stunned rats across the board allowing the stronger rats to move down the opposite side of the field unopposed. The second half then turned into a complete rout. Already down two players from injuries and KOs, the rats got within two squares of a touchdown multiple times but could not finish as the number of players on the pitch dwindling. Several deaths of leveled players added to the punishment and the
  13. If it looks like I can get on earlier I’ll let you know
  14. Hey - I’m still good for tonight, but with the extra hour of light my kids have had some difficult adjusting sleep schedules. Can we shoot for 7:30 start?
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