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  1. Do you think you will do Saturday/Sunday game day(s) in October?
  2. Pics from Oathmark game with @Nellie. Elf archers shot human infantry to pieces before it could close.
  3. Probably time for just one game for me, sorry. @Nellie will have to speak for himself.
  4. If all goes according to plan, Pete and I will be there to play SAGA.
  5. Maybe next Thursday? Just trying to adjust to first week of in-person school...
  6. Chariots are not in core rules, yeah? Base size is something to consider I suppose.
  7. No I haven't purchased any yet. Just thinking this could be good excuse to paint an elephant or two that I normally would not.
  8. Could I use a Sassanid war elephant as a "treat as" Ogre Linebreaker? Would love the excuse to paint some of those... My copy of main rulebook arrived today.
  9. Yeah I painted a human Dragon Rampant army years ago and still have the wizards. I ordered the rulebook - unfortunately I have zero availability until September...
  10. @Ish continuing chat from game night thread. I cut some 125x100 cardboard trays and dropped six stands of Goths/Franks/Saxons/Britons on them and it looks like below, so I could bring up to 10 units of "spear", 1 archer, and however many units 36 cavalry figs can make (they are on 25mm/fig frontage so no markers needed there). I'll prob buy the book (it looks better than KoW Historical) since I'm not spending money on minis much these days.
  11. That sample list is helpful and illustrative, thanks. My crap is multibased 3 figs on a 40 square, which would make 20 figure units tricky. I've got a lot of Arthurian and Late Roman era stuff. Would 18 figs work but with casualty markers? Could just put six stands on an appropriate tray?
  12. We were gonna play 20mm ancients using (the goofy named) 'The Portable Wargame'. A 1000pt Oathmark army is like how many figs?
  13. Well poopie. My player cancelled last minute so I guess I'll be a no show. 😢
  14. I'll be there again with another first-timer.
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