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  1. I had a great time playing you today, Benjamin! Also, I approve of your profile picture 😉
  2. I had a great time today. Thanks everyone, and thanks Joel for the game!
  3. Thanks! I'm pretty rusty with the game, just as a word of warning. I haven't played in like 6 months, maybe longer, though I have been keeping up with the news.
  4. Should I schedule a game with someone on here or is it safe enough to show up on Sunday?
  5. Hello! My name is John. I've been to the clubhouse a couple times before, but I haven't played Infinity there yet. I'm planning on being there Sunday to play.
  6. Thanks! I've been to the clubhouse before (I played Blackstone Fortress there last week with my brother), but never in the context of playing with – gasp – strangers!
  7. I've never been here for a pickup game before. If I come up for an Infinity game, is there a specific mission I should prepare for that people will be playing?
  8. The Red Duke

    Ordo Game Night @ WOW


    If I show up for an Infinity pick up game, is there a pre-determined mission for this night?
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