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Spring Escalation League, Week Eight: April 2tth

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Week Eight. 1850 points. April 27th

All casters know the Lore of Heavens Spell Windblast. The Windblast spell can be used to push or pull the unit it is cast in any direction. 



Portal Push. 

In this game, five portals rest on the battlefield. Any unit that touches a portal is potentially teleported to another portal. 

Roll a d6. 

On a 1 -4 the unit appears on one of the portals in the four corners. Each of the portals is numbered on the roll of 5-6 the unit is transported to the portal in the center of the table. 

The unit continues out of the portal in the same direction they went in. 

If the d6 is the same number as the portal the unit is on, each model touching the portal takes a S1 magical hit with no armor saves. 

The army with the most units within one inch of a portal wins a game. 

League Bonus. 

Each Musician next to a portal at the end of the game is worth a point. 

Extra Bonus. 

If you bring a portal to donate to the club, you receive a league point. The best portal receives 5 League points (but there can be multiple winners if players bring really cool portals. 

The portals should be 3.5 inch in diameter circles.

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