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5/23 Tuesday Game Night @ WOW


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Hey folks!  I know, it has been a while since I have been there.  Lots of busy RL stuff.

That said, I have been developing a card game.  I was wondering if Ordo folks want to help playtest it this Tuesday (5/23) at game night.

It is a Cooperative Lovecraftian Deckbuilder.

The players play as Elders in a cult attempting to summon/awaken a Great Old One.  The forces of Arkham, controlled by the game, will deploy to try to thwart the players.

It plays 1-6 players. I need additional playtesting for the 'intro'/short-game scenario (the long scenario has been pretty well playtested already). So far, games have taken anywhere from 45 min to 75 min with 3-4 players (although more players means a longer game, obviously).

Note: Currently fully-coop, but with plans for semi-coop and '1 vs many' expansions in the future, for those interested in that sort of play.

Are people interested in trying it out and are able to attend this coming Tues night?  I could do a different game night (or an additional game night) if there is enough interest.

- Derek / Dvang

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