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Trade fantasy miniatures for... recording studio time?


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So I've had some success in the past trading stuff I wanted for recording time in my studio. I would consider it a small scale modest professional studio. Not a bedroom studio, but not the full scale hollywood studio. However, the examples of material I have from my studio DO reflect that level of quality (I even have reviews and compliments from real world famous producers if that matters).

I know there probably aren't a lot of people who would want to utilize this trade offer, but, I'm low on cash, flush on time, and I want to flesh out my miniature arsenal. So, I figured I would throw this out there. The only thing I can't do is recording (and KEEP) an entire band performance at the same time. I can do scratch tracks all at once, but then we would overdub the takes afterwards for better control/isolation (as I said, small scale). I record a lot of hard rock, metal, and hip hop (actually hip hop is my bread and butter primarily). I've done a few cool nerdcore artists locally, and even gospel.

What I am looking for are newer fantasy models. I'm just very nitpicky and the older models tend to have mold lines that are just awful (especially the metal ones). Highest value will go to miniatures still on sprues but I won't try and rip anyone off or low ball. I'll be generous. So, any takers?

Also, if this somehow violates the TOS let me know, and I apologize in advance.

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