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40K OFCC - How Painting Scores will be calculated


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With 6 weeks to go until OFCC, I wanted to share with everyone how appearance will be scored.

To keep the process manageable, we will be evaluating 5 categories. In each one, you will receive a score of 0, 1, or 2

0 = Does not meet criteria
1 = Meets criteria
2 = Exceeds criteria

The five categories are:

Basing - textured/painted/flocked/resin/etc.
Painting - represents the three-color minimum
Depth - extra care for shading and highlighting
Detail - modeling, conversions, putty work, etc...
WOW Factor - this is a great representation of a 40K army

At OFCC, we should never see a score below a 2 since everyone must meet a minimum basing and painting requirement. As simple as this is, it is still a subjective measure. In an effort to minimize that, I will list out a guide that will dictate how those scores will be quantified.

0 - Bare plastic or resin, void of paint or basing material
1 - Paint or basing material applied
2 - Multiple colors, a variety of material, the bases demonstrate a level of care and effort

0 - Bare plastic, only primer, less than 3 colors
1 - 3 or more colors, generally referred to as tabletop standard
2 - A variety of colors, shades, and tones setting the model apart from the standard

0 - No effort made to illustrate depth of the model's details
1 - Drybrushing, washing, edge highlighting to varying degrees
2 - Blending, smooth transitions, skillful application of the techniques listed at level 1

0 - Model is built as designed with no variation
1 - Some conversion work, purposeful construction to demonstrate variety, scratch building, minor sculpting
2 - Heavy conversion, extensive scratch building and/or sculpting, clearly a unique representation of the army

WOW Factor
0 - A tabletop army that does not go far enough to stand out from the crowd
1 - A unified and cohesive army, can definitely stand out as a excellent example of the army represented
2 - A true showcase army, representing the highest level of skill and technique of our hobby

I hope this provides a measure of clarity about the process. Please let it serve as a guide as you finish your OFCC armies and fuel your excitement to play! :)

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