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Looking for Players - Dystopian Wars

Brother Glacius

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The following was originally posted on the Spartan Community forms by user General Eric. With his permission I have reposted it here.



Field Dispatch #277

Greetings from the front lines, fellow Generals and Admirals! I am seeking people in the Portland, Oregon USA metropolitan area who are interested in gathering on Sundays to play Naval(Core) games of any point value at or above 750. @RepubliqueOfLasers and I are getting tired of playing solely against each other and we are looking for fresh blood. Both he and I are mobile with lots of naval models to make diverse forces to make every battle unique. I personally have in my stores, a portable folding 6x4 (Alpha) gaming table and one in need of repair, 2 6x4 Ocean neoprene gaming mats (one regular seas and one choppy seas), I also bring my community chest containing critical effects tokes, micro dice and spare laser line pointers. I am ready to rumble at either public game shop during normal hours, or in a private setting if it is deemed suitable. For reference the 2 shops that are most likely to be suitable as a neutral ground would be Guardian Games on MLK, or Red Castle Games on Foster.  Please respond to me or @RepubliqueOfLasers on the forum, or by messing directly to set up games, leagues or logistics. Remember, Metzger Loves You!



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