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Infernal Dwarves - Lord Bunker

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Howdy all! I posted this topic up on the 9th Age forum, but I thought I would ask it here too:

Regarding taking infernal Dwarves with a choppy Lord: I'm wondering, assuming I'm taking the "standard" Overlord (shield, Onyx Hammer, Dragon Mantle, Sprout of Rebirth), what are my best options for a bunker for him? Assuming he'll be backed up by a fairly vanilla BSB in the unit (2+ armor, possibly the Ring of Dessication) and a lvl 4 on Alchemy.

Immortals seem like the way to go. 28 strong, FC with Flaming Standard. Am I crazy to want to run these guys with Great Weapons instead of shields / Infernal Weapons?

Infernal Warriors seem like another strong choice though; 38, FC, Flaming Standard. Great Weapons. Not nearly as good, but them being Core means more room for toys.

Someone on the forums mentioned Citadel Guard w/ shields too, as more of a Anvil type unit, although S4 with rerolls to hit (Hatred) rerolls to wound (assuming Flaming Banner + Alchemy combo).

But I really want to get something with Great Weapons... mainly because these models look so damn awesome (and are really affordable too!):


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