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MaxRep - Battle Reports from Maximum Gaming


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Hey all!

So myself, and Ben Cromwell (Dr. Insanotron) recently of the Couve have started a 40k youtube channel and website. We'll be doing all kinds of 40k content. If that is your thing, check us out!


Here is our first big battle report - MaxRep Episode 1.


Our other shows are:

League Night Batrep - I started a league like GG in boise and we do batreps from our games there. Short and dirty!

SitRep - News, list reviews, tournament reports, whatnot.

The Color Guard - Painting videos

WarDad! - adventures in family gaming!

Story Mode - narrative, fluffy, and super longform battle reports.


Website - www.maximumgaming.net




Lookit those intros!

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