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SP '18 - The Blackout Boyz


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The Blackout Boyz

Deep down in the bowels of the hive, darkness reigns. The scum move swiftly through the flickering fluorescent lights, cowering in the shadows like roaches. This is where we live. This is where we thrive. The darkness is our ally for we see without the light. The shadows won't hide you from us for we are the shadow.

Card choices: Not entirely sure but I'm going to try using the Escher set until Delaque gangs have their own.

  • Counter Charge
  • Gas Trap
  • Stealthy Advance
  • Melta trap
  • Frag trap
  • Click
  • Lucky find
  • Group tactics
  • Blood Debt
  • Last Gasp
  • Makeshift Armour

Hoping to bring these guys on 5/8 game night to try out new rules.

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First game was against @ninefinger's franco-merican Orlocks. While the Blackout Boyz started out well, taking the high ground and setting up smokescreen, things quickly turned as their leader Hellboi was mercilessly gunned down. The Boyz regrouped from this startling violence and managed to isolate and pin the frenchies down long enough to force them into a strategic withdrawal. Great game. 

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