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Factorio is a game for people who are into automation and LARGE puzzles. It plays a bit like Sim City, in the fact that it is an overhead 2D builder game. What makes this game so interesting is the scale. What starts out as a little modest base will eventually turn in to an enormous network of automated arms, conveyor belts, trains, assemblers, robots stretching a mile across. All that is necessary to build 1 rocket, to win the game.

It has a 98% positive review on steam, which puts it on the top 5 games on steam. I think this reviewer's comment sums it up nicely.

“The factory is an embodiment of madness incomprehensible even to the men who built it, laid every unholy circuit of conveyor belt, a thousand arms madly spinning every second, countless plates of copper and iron in a complex dance the likes of which is unseen in the realm of mere mortals. There are sections that I have no idea how they work, and I BUILT THEM.”

Still in the totally addicted phase, but honestly its a 9/10 from me. My only gripe is there is no freaking trash can for your inventory. There is a work around, but id rather just have a can.

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