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Ok so tournament next weekend anything goes...escalation, stronghold assault, detachments, formations, dataslates, 40k approved forgoworld models and lists...SOOOO everything.  


and its 1999 points


So I make a list and practice on Saturday...me: Giant robot and his 10 biker pals 


decide this planet aint big enough for them and my opponents: Deamons...even if they are friendly slanneshy deamons who just wanna drink beer and party at a void shield rave!!!





black thing is the DJ stand/voidshield generator for the awesome slannessh rave/beerfest



a group of deamonettes on there way to the VoidShield Rave...little did they know that Gloria Bellum was about to drop some MAD 'D' plates on them


The battle turned out as one would expect, if it was on the ground it dies quickly...if it flies its gotta land some time...thus dies quickly

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