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Space Hulk Deathwing: Enhanced Edition

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So a buddy of mind discovered that he had a new game in his steam list called Space Hulk Enhanced Edition. A quick look to my own steam library and I too had this game. Apparently if you had the previous one, you got this for free? Anyways, we both were fans of the series, so we took it out for a spin.

Overall, not a bad game. It is difficult. We are playing on normal and are veterans of FPS games, but we still wiped out about a third of the games. They have added some stuff to make it pretty interesting, but quite honestly, I don't think I played enough of the original to tell you all that has changed. A quick google says they've added more bad guys, and added in a nice reward system for multiplayer. Oh, and they vastly improved frame rate.

I play co-op mostly. I've tried single player stuff, but it is even harder as the bots just aren't that good, and they don't give you a full squad, but only two guys. The other big issue is that there is no built in voip. Now thankfully, steam has voip, so if playing with friends, you can use it (or Discord if you have it) to remedy. That doesn't help you though for the random pick up games.

Another issue for me, is that the big map has a fixed position, but your mini-map rotates to keep you facing north. Very confusing. You pull up hte big map and know you have to go north, but if you don't realize that you are facing south, you can end up moving away from your objective. I've seen posts asking for an option to stop the mini rotation...I hope they do so.

Anyways, overall, this is a fun game. The story and campaign are fantastic. The atmosphere is darn near perfect. And it is a challenging game. With several classes of terminators, various abilities, and now unlocks to earn, they have made it engaging and worthwhile to sink some time into. And during the winter sale, its pretty darn cheap to buy if you didn't get the old one. So check out Space Hulk Deathwing on Steam.

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