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Looking for Eldar Guardians


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I need 24. Regular or storm. Would prefer partial painted so I can just finish them off. But I’m open to whatever. 

Have cash and the following to trade:

3rd party Earthshaker Artillery Platform 

3x scout sentinels (decently painted)
A few daemonettes (decently painted)
1x Vexilus Praetor with banner NoS
1x Warlock Painted
1x Dark Reaper Exarch NoS

1x SM/BA Converted Hero. Commission Painted

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Guardians eh? Are those a thing now?

I might be able to hook you up. I've got 21 regular guardians including 4 oldschool metal sergeanty types. All are primed (which is like 3/4 painted if you call them Alaitoc). I've also got 8 dire avengers fully, but sloppily (not by me) painted and based. A mere head swap away from being guardians.

I might be interested in that Dark Reaper Exarch. I've got the oldschool one with a shuriken cannon, but not the super reaper launcher version made sometime this century. 

Also what is the Warlock? There's a lot of different Warlocks GW has made over the years. I'm interested in anything Dark Elf or Drukhari related and some Eldar stuff.

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Cool. I’ll let ya know. Gonna try for some painted ones first but if I can’t find any I’ll hit you up. I just don’t have much time to paint anymore. So I’d rather save time by doing touch up work.

The warlock is an older metal one painted ok. I also have a bunch of Drukhari bits. Including 6 sprues of everything left after making a talos. 3 ravager sprues also. 

As to why I’m looking for them: guardians in a blob have been a thing for awhile. But I plan on converting them to storm guardians now that they are only 6ppm in CA. 

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