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W: imperial knight arms H: $


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I am looking for the entire arms bits minus the shoulder piece for the following

Avenger Gatling Cannon

Rapid Fire Battle Cannon

Thermal Cannon

Thunder Strike Gauntlett


I had a bead on them from a seller on Ebay (wesso.inc) but he had them up for make an offer but in the back and forth on the make an offer part his second counter offer was for more $ then his first counter offer and when I said hey you went up in price and I will pay your first counter offer price he said tough its now the higher price.

IE: listed as 30.00

I offered 15.00

He countered with 18.00

I countered with 16.50

he just said no so I said fine ill pay the 18.00

he then countered with 25.00

then I called him out on it and after he told me tough I told him he was just being greedy and he called me angry / upset with the transaction from the very start and he will now cut his losses with me. so I told him that he just lost 75.00 worth of sales as I was gonna buying multiple items from him that were doing to offer dance on at the same time and he did this on all of them at the same time.

So just you all just be aware.......



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To be fair, it can be super annoying to deal with offers on eBay as a seller. If you're looking to buy multiple items and are looking for a discount, it is almost always better to message the seller directly first and negotiate there than to use the make offer functionality.

All that being said, I don't have any currently but I can keep an eye out.

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The initial offer was made in conjunction with another offer and the price was reflective of that(read: combined shipping) . The follow up offers were individual and were responded too by another person on my staff, hence the difference in price offered. Apparently this makes me greedy.  When I explained this, I was then told how I should run my business and manage my staff. 

After having been repeatedly insulted and berated, I had no inclination to give this chap a better deal. I did tell him that I intended to cut my losses as it isn’t prudent to do business with someone who is unhappy before the transaction ever takes place. 

If anyone is wondering how how I have found my way to this obscure forum post, it’s because this gentleman was nice enough to threaten me with his contacts on this platform. That all the guys from Frontline Gaming and Ordo Fanaticus would never buy from me. I’ve been on eBay since 2006 with 100% positive feedback for the duration and have been a Top Rated Seller for as long as it’s been a thing. Please don’t let nitwits decide who you do business with. 

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I was going to respond with a lengthy explanation, but once I saw that you hunted down this place and just now joined looking for me to post and respond.

Yes I did say that I would let people on Ordo Fanaticus know about the price haggle raising. I never said I would tell them not to buy from you, and I never did tell them not to buy from you as you see above.

I have all of our communications and if anyone wants to read them they can PM me and then they can make up their own mind up.

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