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OOP Swap Meet - 3/30/2019 - Everett, WA


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Board Game & Miniature swap meeting/trade #10 (quarterly)
Saturday, March 30, 2019 at 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Xfinity Arena Everett, Wa
Hosted by OOP Games & Hobby



Every 3 months, Local store's, collectors, traders and buyers show up to over 70+ tables of Games, Miniatures, Comics, toy's, lego's and much more (now we are 120 Tables big) Come buy sell or Trade, Join in on free miniature painting, We also have a Raffle as well as Demo Games (more room for them too at our new venue) Free admission, kid friendly and just fun to check out.

More info will be posted all the time.

Check out our table chart and painting contest posts.

Vendors - Our new Event space has about (120) 8 foot tables, each space is 8x6 feet, the hallway will be for whole 3rd party rentals, that would be Historical miniatures event, done by the N.W.H.M.S., Or we may rent it out to just comicbook sellers, or toy's. With 4 shows a year we can change these out from show to show or we might find one of the other groups works for every show. Price will remain the same for now, without much concern for raising them anytime soon. 8 foot tables are $48, half tables for $24. 6 foot tables are gone. Stores may pay and extra $10 to be co-hosts. Basically you just get better exposure on the event page (i'll put one up so you can view a sample)

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