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The Fantasy Trip Unboxing

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When saw last year that the Steve Jackson was doing a Kickstarter for a reprint of the Fantasy Trip, I went a little nuts.  I went for the "I want it all" package and it arrived today.  Man, there is a ton of stuff here!





Top notch quality, too.  Man, I spent HOURS by myself in junior high playing Death Test and the other solo adventures.

Frankly, I haven't played a real RPG in decades and probably won't any time soon.  But you know I will be reliving the joy of Death Test!  Just like in junior high, I will probably make tons of characters that I will never play.

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For you kids unfamiliar with the system, it is basically old school "proto-GURPS." There is a full sail system but each character only has 3 characteristics and all tests are based on Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence. No levelling; you just add to your starting characteristics and skills.

It started as Melee and Wizard which are standalone arena combat games so const is fun and full of action.

It anyone is interested, I have an extra copy of In The Labyrinth, Melee, and Wizard. I would sell for a good price too spread the love of this great old school system.

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